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The New World of Coffee and Cacao, with Matthew Block

Ever wonder about the mysterious journey that coffee and cacao beans take from their origins to their transformation into delicious specialty products? Join importer Matthew Block, founder of Campesino Mateo, for a talk that will cover the histories of coffee and cacao, their roles in Western culture, and the beans’ step-by-step journey from cultivation to finished product. Block partners with traditional family farmers from the most remote regions of Peru’s “eyebrow of the jungle” to help improve growing, harvesting, and processing practices. Attendees will learn about—and taste—the dramatic impact on aroma and flavor that different farming, processing, and production techniques impart. Additionally, they will virtually meet some farmers on their lands, see how the plants and fruits grow in their raw form, and experience the various terroir factors that play so large a role in the finished products.

6:00pm on Tuesday, February 21st 2017

808 Commonwealth Ave. (Room 117)

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