MSE Colloquium: Phaedon Avouris, IBM

I will first discuss the basic electronic properties of graphene and its potential applications in electronics. I will present examples of high frequency analog graphene devices and circuits and evaluate the prospects of a commercial RF graphene technology. I will then focus on the optical properties and possible applications of graphene in photonics and plasmonics. I will review the basics of the single particle and collective excitations of graphene, discuss the mechanisms of photocurrent generation in graphene and the design and characteristics of graphene-based photodetectors. I will show that the coupling of light to localized graphene plasmons provides an excellent way of enhancing the strength of graphene-light interaction. Plasmon excitations in graphene micro- and nano-structures and their use in graphene devices in the mid-IR, far IR and THz ranges of the spectrum will be discussed. The interactions of graphene plasmons with intrinsic graphene and substrate phonons and the resulting damping mechanisms also will be analyzed.

Date: Friday, October 11th 2013

Start Time: 3:00pm

End Time: 4:00pm

Location: 15 St. Mary’s Street, Room 105


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