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Chocolate Extravaganza at Marciano Commons

Let’s be honest, this isn’t such a bad way to go right? Tonight at The Fresh Food Co. at Marciano Commons it’s time to meet your maker… and have the most delicious night of your life! Sink your teeth into creamy gooey sweet treats that our baker and chefs create that will leave you saying, “Give me Chocolate, or give me Death”.Take a look at the menu: Chocolate and Mint Soup Chicken Mole Peppercorn Beef with Chocolate Port Sauce Herb Salmon with Lemon White Chocolate Sauce Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Beef Chili Vegan Chocolate White Bean Panini Oreo Stuffed French Toast Bacon Cheddar Burger with BBQ Sauce Chocolate Filled Raviolis Molten Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ice Cream

5:00pm on Tuesday, January 21st 2014

The Fresh Food Co. at Marciano Commons


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