Student Life

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Boston is a vibrant, fun, and intellectual city with lots to do for anyone coming here.  It is steeped in a rich history and serves as the gateway to New England.  There are many colleges and universities, high tech and medical/biopharmaceutical companies all that give the town (and surrounding area) an energetic vibe.  We are biased of course but we believe Boston is one of the best places to receive a graduate education.

Boston is considered the medical mecca of the United States and one of the leading medical destinations in the world.  There are few places that come close to matching the opportunities available to students of the health sciences here.  With our affiliations with several of the areas top hospitals, along with our partnership with local community hospitals and community health clinics, we offer a top-tiered education that will prepare you for a rewarding career.

Please watch the Boston University School of Medicine Video for more information about the school.

We highly discourage students from working while actually in the PA program.  The 1st year curriculum is very challenging, time consuming with a very intensive instructional pace.  The 2nd year clinical rotations are also challenging, are subject to unpredictable, odd working hours (including nights and weekend) and as a student, you may be placed out of state for a rotation(s).

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