Financing Your Education

In addition to the Graduate Medical Science (GMS) Financial Aid Office, we have listed some scholarships that may be helpful in funding your education. Please note that this is only a small list of potential scholarship resources.  Many of the links below may relate to a student from a particular background or special interest (for example, the Goldfarb scholarship is for hand radio operators that want to study medicine) only.  There are many scholarships available through the specialty organizations of the AAPA and the constituent chapters too.  As we identify additional scholarships, we will forward the information to matriculating students by email and update this list.

Boston University Scholarships

The Lu Lingzi Scholarship

Local and National Scholarship Opportunities

AAPA Financial Aid Resources Website

National Health Service Corps Scholarship Program

American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA)- Physician Assistant Foundation Annual Scholarship Program

The Albert Schweitzer Fellowship-Boston

William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship

UHF/HACU Scholarship (for Hispanic Students)

Elizabeth and Sherman Asche Memorial Scholarship (for Native American students)

Edith M. Allen Scholarship (for United Methodist Church members)

Certified Medical Educators Scholarship

Physician Assistants for Latino Health Scholarships

Massachusetts Loan Repayment Program for Health Professionals