Each April, a class of up to 36 students is admitted to the Boston University School of Medicine PA Program.

The Admissions Committee selects a cadre of mature, self-directed candidates to interview each fall. Acceptance offers are extended to individuals who show the most promise of providing patient-centered care to diverse patient populations as members of interprofessional teams. You can find information about our current class on our Admissions Statistics page.

Once the application is screened for the prerequisites, we review each application on its own merit and do not weigh one element of the prospective student’s background and personal attributes more than another. Admission decisions are based on the holistic evaluation of the entire applicant’s admission file record and the formal interview. (Witzburg, NEJM, 2013, Hoover, Chronicle of Higher Education, 2013).

Candidates who meet the admission criteria, are formally interviewed by the program Admissions Committee and are extended an offer of admission, will be eligible for matriculation. We do not have admission practices that favor one group over another. We may grant advanced placement for similar academic work or previous health care experience in rare circumstances on a case-by-case basis. Please note that our prerequisite courses are required of all applicants, regardless of previous academic preparation or experience.