Didactic Phase


During the first semester, students learn basic science foundations, introductory clinical methods and concepts of research. Students then join their second year student colleagues in the second-year medical school pathophysiology courses entitled Disease and Therapy (DRx) in the remaining second and third semesters.  This course teaches the pathophysiology and treatment of medical conditions through an integrated, systems-based approach. This interprofessional learning opportunity facilitates collaboration in small group case discussions between the two groups of learners.

The curriculum of the first year has been developed so that each topic builds on a previous concept. As such, all coursework must be taken sequentially. Our first semester begins in April to ensure the basic science courses are completed in time for the Disease and Therapy courses.

Semester Course Number and Name Hours
1 PS 700 Anatomy (with lab) 5 cr.
PS 701 Basic Medical Sciences 3 cr.
PS 702 Physiology (with lab) 4 cr.
PS 703 Introduction to Research 2 cr.
PS 704 Introduction to Clinical Medicine 2 cr.
2 PS 720 Disease and Therapy I 4 cr.
PS 721 Disease and Therapy II 4 cr.
PS 722 Disease and Therapy III 4 cr.
PS 742 Clinical Practicum I 2 cr.
PS 744 Preventive Medicine 1 cr.
3 PS 723 Disease and Therapy IV 4 cr.
PS 724 Disease and Therapy V 4 cr.
PS 725 Disease and Therapy VI 4 cr.
PS 743 Clinical Practicum II 2 cr.
PS 801 Advanced Clinical Medicine 4 cr.

Mastery of medical knowledge and development of clinical reasoning are assessed using multiple choice exams, journal club assignments, and preceptor evaluations. Clinical competencies such as history taking, physical examination, oral presentation, professionalism, and medical record writing are assessed using preceptor and faculty observation and written assignments.