How To Apply to Project PSUNS

The requirements and process to apply for the Project PSUNS MAT or EdM with Licensure Program are:

  • An undergraduate or graduate degree in a physical science discipline completed before the start of the summer program courses.
  • Demonstration of United States citizenship or permanent alien residency.
  • Completion of an application to the Boston University School of Education (SED) MAT Program and acceptance into the School of Education Graduate Program. When applying for admission you should also provide the following.
    • The application for the Noyce Scholarship. This is a competitive scholarship. Applicants are judged by a committee. The Noyce Scholarship essay is to be completed as a supplemental scholarship application with the School of Education application. The essay can have substantial overlap with the Equity and Diversity Essay also required for admission.
    • Two letters of support that testify to your suitability to teach in a high need district.
      • These letters should refer either to demonstrated work in a high need district or equivalent environment or reasons to believe that you are up to the challenge of working in a high need district.
      • These letters of support may also be used for the MAT Program application.

Please address questions about the application process to Professor Peter Garik (

Career Changing Science and Engineering Professionals

We welcome science and engineering professionals who are considering changing careers and becoming a teacher. We are sensitive to the concerns that come with a career change. Some of these are concerns about future job stability. There are inevitably concerns over the financial commitments and challenges that career changers face. For this reason, in addition to the one-year MAT Program with full-time attendance, it is possible to receive Noyce tuition support as a part-time student. This option makes it possible to register as a part-time student and potentially continue working until the required semester of student-teaching. This program is detailed at links given on the page Career Changers Routes to Licensure.

Please address questions about the application process and consequent career changing concerns to Professor Peter Garik (

Project PSUNS Scholarships for Undergraduate Science Majors at Boston University

It is strongly recommended that Boston University students who are considering applying for the undergraduate Project PSUNS Noyce Scholarship make an appointment to meet with Professor Peter Garik ( in order to have their current coursework evaluated and receive advisement on how to strengthen their candidacy.

Science majors at Boston University who are accepted as Noyce Scholars are eligible for 1/3 scholarship support for their senior year, and for up to 10 credits during the summer between their junior and senior years.

Requirements and application process for the Project PSUNS Program:

  • Demonstrate United States citizenship or permanent alien residency.
  • Show good academic success in courses in your science major.
  • Provide two letters of reference testifying to your suitability for teaching in a high need district.