Our research group is a part of the Boston University Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department and the Photonics Center. We are also affiliated with the Division of Material Science and Engineering (MSE). Our core laboratory is located in the basement of the Photonics Center. Our research focuses on physical phenomena at the nanoscale; we are also interested in developing nanoscale devices and ultrasensitive measurement techniques for a variety of applications.

The physical phenomena, which we explore, range from fluid dynamics to photonics. Over the years, we have built considerable expertise in fabricating and operating resonant nanomechanical devices (nano-electro-mechanical systems or NEMS). In a typical experiment, we couple tiny vibrations of these nanomechanical devices to a surrounding fluid or an optical field. Through ultrasensitive measurements of the changes of these tiny vibrations, we can deduce the physical interactions between the device and the surrounding medium as well as fundamental physical behavior of the medium. Nanomechanical devices, therefore, act as probes of interesting physics at very small length scales and very short time scales. The applications we have pursued so far involve bio-molecule sensing using NEMS, designing motion transducers for nanoscale applications and ultrafast scanning probe microscopy.