HWMET IT will purchase, install and support all standard BU recommended software and hardware including desktop computers, servers, printers, laptops, scanners, and other equipment.  If necessary, MET IT will coordinate network installations, power connections, etc.  All non-standard requests will be evaluated and, if appropriate, added to the list of supported hardware.

MET IT will procure, install and support shared, high-speed network printers in every MET department and/or work area.  Personal printers will be purchased and installed only if requested by Department Chairs/Directors with proper justification.  When requesting personal printers, please consider significantly higher ongoing operational costs for these printers.

MET IT keeps on top of the following technology update cycles to ensure our faculty and staff have access to the latest technology innovations and can work in a secure and reliable environment, while maintaining balanced budgets.

  • Desktop and laptop computers will be replaced on a three- to four-year cycle.
  • Network printers will be replaced when appropriate based on wear, utilization, new technologies, etc. The lifetimes of printers vary but typically are four years.
  • Servers, peripherals, and special needs equipment are renewed based on IT evaluation of its condition, need analysis, and availability of funds.
  • Software (operating systems, office and business applications) are updated on a regular basis to stay within vendor-established lifecycle windows, minimize incompatibilities, and avoid problems with early adoptions unless justified.  System software is typically updated every 5 years; application software usually has shorter update cycles defined by corresponding software vendors.

Each year MET IT will identify the computers and printers that are due for replacement according to our records. We will confirm the list of equipment to be replaced with the corresponding departments.