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DreamSparkMetropolitan College is a member of the Microsoft DreamSpark  for Academic Institutions (former MSDNAA) – a Microsoft Program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. Our membership allows faculty and students currently enrolled in MET courses to obtain certain Microsoft products free of charge.  All MET students are granted access to download the software for the duration of their study at MET College.

For any questions not addressed below, please email METIT@BU.EDU

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How to login

  • We use Campus Integrated Authentication to access Microsoft DreamSpark and you need to use your BU login name and password.

Software available for download

  • You have to login to the DreamSpark web store to see a list of all software available for download.

Download and Installation

  • Note: The software available on DreamSpark is only for Windows based computer not for Mac computers.
  • Note: You can download a program two times. To request additional downloads email METIT@BU.EDU
  • Note: Your key is valid for one installation of the software. To reinstall the software please contact METIT@BU.EDU
  • Note: Your software will remain functional after you graduate. However, your DreamSpark account will expire and you will not be able to download new software or request new keys.
  • Note: Before starting a download check if your Operating System is 32 or 64 bit, then select the appropriate version of the application you need.

Steps for downloading and installing an application

1. Log in to DreamSpark
2. Select “Software” from the top menu and find an application you need.
3. Select “Add to Cart”
4. On the next screen select “Check Out”
5. Select “I Accept”
6. Select “Continue”, then Select “Proceed with Order”
7. On the next screen, you will receive your product key, please record it because you are going to need it to activate your software.
Note: You can always find the product keys for the applications that you have downloaded by loging in to DreamSpark, then selecting “Your Account” on the top menu, then selecting the application that you need the product key for.
8. On the same screen, next to the name of the application you requested, there will be a link to “download” it, please Click on it.
9. On the new window, click on the name of the application.
10. Another window will open, click on “Start Download”
11. Save the “Application_Name.EXE” file to a folder where you can find it (for example your desktop).
12. Run the “Application_Name.EXE” file from your desktop or from the folder where you saved it.
13. This will start the actual download, your application will be saved by default on the local disk in the ”C:\Temp” folder.
Note: If your download stops for any reason, you can resume your download by running the “Application_Name.EXE” file from your desktop or the folder where you saved it in.
14. After the download is finished, click on “Launch Install”; this will install the application on your computer.

Note: For Operating Systems you need to go to your “C:\Temp” folder and burn the “Aplication_Name.ISO” to a disk using third party application. Check the instruction bellow.

ISO Images

Most of the software you download is a CD or DVD image files with the extension ISO. These files need to be burned to a disk or mounted using 3rd party virtual drive

License Keys

  • It is not necessary to download software to get your product key. When you choose program to download, before the actual download, you will be shown the product key generated for you.
  • Your key is valid for one installation of the software. To re-install the software, please send your request for an additional key to METIT@BU.EDU
  • You can view your product keys by loging into the DreamSpark, and clicking on “Your Account” link found on the top of the page; find the product in the order history and click on it to see the key.

For any questions not addressed above, please email METIT@BU.EDU