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My curriculum vitae.

Downloadable papers: (PDF format; download free Acrobat Reader to view)

Year Title Notes
2005 A-not-A questions Copyedited version appears in Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk (eds.), The Blackwell Companion to Syntax (Syncom). Volume 1, ch. 7. Oxford: Blackwell.
2005 Review of Grohmann (2003) Copyedited version to appear in The Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics. Should appear in vol. 9 (2006).
2004 Particle movement in Sinhala and Japanese In Dayal, V., and A. Mahajan (eds.), Clause Structure in South Asian Languages, Dordrecht: Kluwer. 227-252.
2004 Deriving Output Probabilities in Child Mandarin from a Dual-Optimization Grammar (with Géraldine Legendre [first author], Joan Chen-Main, Liang Tao, and Paul Smolensky. Copyedited version appears in Lingua 114:1147-1185.
2003 What questions mean Copyedited version appears in Glot International 7(7/8):188-201.
2003 A particle of indefiniteness in American Sign Language (with Frances Conlin [first author], and Carol Neidle). Linguistic Discovery 2(1):1-21.
2003 Presuppositions, Wh-questions, and Discourse Particles: Russian ┼że (with Svetlana McCoy) In Wayles Browne, Ji-Yung Kim, Barbara H. Partee, and Robert A. Rothstein (eds.), Annual Workshop on Formal Approaches to Slavic Languages: The Amherst Meeting 2002, 201-218. Ann Arbor, MI: Michigan Slavic Publications.
2002 Roots, Constituents, and c-command (with Robert Frank [first author] and K. Vijay-Shanker) Copyedited version appeared in Alexiadou (ed.), Theoretical Approaches to Universals. Amsterdam, John Benjamins, 109-137.
2002 Default ne in Child Mandarin Chinese (with Joan Chen-Main, Géraldine Legendre, and Liang Tao) Copyedited version appeared in the Korean Journal of Cognitive Science 2(2):81-118.
2002 Partial constraint ordering in Child French syntax (with Géraldine Legendre [first author], Anne Vainikka, and Marina Todorova), Copyedited version appeared in Language Acquisition10(3):189-227.
2002 Implications of child errors for the syntax of negation in Korean

Copyedited version appeared in Journal of East Asian Linguistics, issue 11(3): 211-242.

2000 Phrasal movement in Korean negation In MITWPL 35 (2000), the proceedings of SCIL 9 (originally 1997).
2000 Evidence for syntactic competition in the acquisition of tense and agreement in child French (With Géraldine Legendre [first author], Anne Vainikka, and Marina Todorova) In the Proceedings of the 36th annual Chicago Linguistic Society meeting. Chicago, IL: Chicago Linguistic Society, 431-443.
2000 An Optimality-Theoretic model of acquisition of tense and agreement in French (with Géraldine Legendre [first author], Anne Vainikka, and Marina Todorova) In Lila Gleitman and A. Joshi (eds.), Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum.
1999 Partial constraint ordering in child French syntax (with Géraldine Legendre [first author], Anne Vainikka, and Marina Todorova) Technical Report #11, Department of Cognitive Science, Johns Hopkins University. Abridged and updated version listed as 2002 above.
1999 The movement of question particles In M. Hirotani, A. Coetzee, N. Hall, and J.-Y. Kim (eds.), NELS 30: Proceedings of the North East Linguistics Society. GLSA, Amherst, MA. Also available: the poster.
1999 Q-movement Paper presented at the Linguistics Society of America meeting 1999. (abstract)

Decomposing questions

Ph.D thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Print copy available from MIT Working Papers in Linguistics. The PDF file requires Padma font to see Sinhala text in a couple of footnotes in chapters 1-2 (found at the Srinkie resources page for Windows, or converted for MacOS here). Certain fonts show up funny in the PDF version (particularly in the Ryukyuan and Premodern Japanese examples). (abstract)
1998 Attraction of general features and intervention effects in Japanese Paper presented at the Linguistics Society of America meeting 1998
1997 Scope interactions and phrasal movement in Korean negation In Harvard Studies in Korean Linguistics VII.

Contextual metrical invisibility

Appears in MITWPL 30. (abstract)
1997 Contextual metrical invisibility and weak vowels Appears in CLS proceedings
1997 Contextual metrical invisibility in Mohawk and Passamaquoddy Talk given at the Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas
1996 do-support in Korean: Evidence for an interpretive morphology In SICOGG 1996 proceedings.
1996 Object shift in Korean negation Paper presented at the Linguistics Society of America meeting 1996.

Negation, focus, and do-support in Korean

Syntax generals paper, MIT. (abstract)
1995 When a Passamaquoddy unstressable schwa, that's a mora Phonology generals paper, MIT. (abstract)

Issues of affix hopping in an Attract-F framework

Written for Chomsky's Fall 1994 class, MIT. (comments)
1993 On the problem of infinity and Gen-Eval in Optimality Theory Short 5-page squib written for a survey course. (abstract)

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