2017 Application for CODEBREAKERS

Codebreakers is open to young women who are currently enrolled as a freshman or sophomore in a MA high school.

If you meet this criterion, please complete the two-step Application process:

All materials must be received by May 1st

All applicants will be notified about acceptance no later than May 15th.

* Name: * Email:

* Street Address:

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Cell Phone Number:

* Name of Parent/Guardian:

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* School:

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* Do you participate in a free or reduced lunch? Yes No

Please list the names of your two recommenders and their email addresses here:
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* Name of Reference 2:
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* List any High School math classes you've taken

For questions #1-6, you are allowed up to 560 characters.

*1.) Why are you interested in Codebreakers? Why do you think Cybersecurity is important?

* 2.) Please describe your experience with computers, for example, courses you have taken, or after school or summer programs in which you have participated. Also list any programming languages you have used.

* 3.) Why do you think it is important for women to participate in and contribute to computer science and technology?

* 4.) What are you planning to do after you graduate from high school?

*5.) Describe a difficult challenge which you have had to overcome, and how you were able to successfully overcome it.

*6.) What qualities make you a good candidate for Codebreakers?

* I will be able to participate in Codebreaker for the entire 4 weeks. I understand that it meets Monday through Friday, from July 10th through August 4th. Yes No

If no, please tell us when you CANNOT participate:

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