Lab Group


Mark Friedl, Principal Investigator
friedl at
Research Statement: My research uses remote sensing to examine biogeophysical patterns and processes at the Earth’s surface. I am particularly interested in how land cover and ecosystem properties affect surface climate, how land surface biophysics influence the Earth’s weather and climate system, and more generally, how human activities are shaping the planet and affecting the global biosphere.


Josh Gray, Research Assistant Professor
joshgray at
Research Statement:Global agricultural production has increased dramatically over the last fifty years, in large part due to more intensive farming practices that require more land, water, and energy. Still more production will be required in the future, but most freshwater and productive land has already been utilized. My work primarily uses remote sensing and modeling to reveal where and how agriculture has changed, and how these changes have impacted carbon, water, and energy cycles. CV


Damien Sulla-Menashe, Ph.D. Student and Research Associate
dsm at
Research Statement: My research is concerned with monitoring forest health using
moderate-resolution remote sensing. Specifically, I aim to quantify
changes to forest biomass and structure following fires in the boreal. CV


Eli Melaas, Post-Doctoral Scholar
emelaas at
Research Statement: My research is focused on coupling field measurements, remote sensing and modeling studies of phenology. Specifically, I am interested in improving understanding of how climate drivers control the timing of phenology and how future changes in growing season length will affect net carbon exchange. Personal Website, CV

IMG_3732_cropLeah Cheek, Post-Doctoral Scholar
lcheek at
Research Statement: I am trained as a planetary geologist and have previously used mineral spectroscopy to study the make-up and evolution of planetary surfaces including the Earth, the Moon and the asteroid Vesta. As part of the Land Cover and Surface Climate group, I am currently integrating thermal infrared data from a range of terrestrial orbital sensors in an effort to characterize the various expressions of the urban heat island effect at a variety of spatial scales worldwide.

Radost Stanimirova

Radost Stanimirova, Ph.D Student
rkstan at
Research Statement: My research interests are in climate change and human transformation of the landscape, especially through agriculture. Using moderate-resolution remote sensing I would like to focus on land cover change in the tropics.

Jon Wang

Jon Wang, Ph.D. Student
wangathan at
Research Statement: My research uses high-resolution remote sensing to study the effects of land use and climate change on ecosystem function and biosphere-atmosphere interactions. Currently, I working on urban heating and its effects on phenology.

Active Collaborators

Andrew Richardson Picture

Andrew Richardson, Harvard University
arichardson at

Steve Frolking

Steve Frolking, University of New Hampshire
steve.frolking at

Curtis Woodcock

Curtis Woodcock, Boston University
curtis at

Lucy Hutyra

Lucy Hutyra, Boston University
lrhutyra at

Alessandro Baccini

Alessandro Baccini, Woods Hole Research Center
abaccini at

Luis Carvalho

Luis Carvalho, Boston University
lecarval at

Lab Group Alumni


  • Koen Hufkens (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2010-2012), Research Associate: Isotope Bioscience Laboratory, Ghent University
  • Sangram Ganguly (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2008-2010), Research Scientist, NASA Ames Research Center
  • Bin Tan (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2005-2008), Research Scientist: Biospheric Sciences Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Xiaoyang Zhang (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2000-2005),  Associate Professor, South Dakota State University

Ph.D. Students

  • J. Meghan Salmon (Ph.D. 2012) Post-Doc, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment, University of Wisconsin.
  • Manish Verma (Ph.D. 2012) Post-Doc, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)/NASA JPL
  • Allesandro Baccini (Ph.D 2005) Research Scientist, Woods Hole Research Center
  • Callan Orodyne (M.A. 2005) United States Department of State, Beijing, China
  • Joe Santanello (Ph.D 2005) Physical Scientist, Hydrologic Sciences Branch, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Annemarie Schneider (Ph.D 2005) Assistant Professor, University of Washington
  • Alexander Lotsch (Ph.D 2004) Manager,Forest Carbon Partnership Initiative, The World Bank
  • Rongqian Yang (Ph.D 2002) Research Scientist, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  • Douglas McIver (Ph.D 2001) Vice president of Product Management, Magento Software

M.A. Students

  • Mary Farina (M.A. 2014), Research associate, Woods Hole Research Center, Woods Hole, Massachusetts
  • Parker Abercrombie (M.A. 2013), Scientific programmer/software engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California
  • Douglas Bolton (M.A. 2011), PhD student in Forest Sciences at the University of British Columbia
  • Adam Sibley (M.A. 2010), peripatetic science guy, funk musician (or at least that’s what he’d like to be), and mountain man.  Currently engaged as field tech for University of Hawaii.  Needs to come back and do a Ph.D.
  • William Boykins-Morris (M.A. 2007) Ph.D. student in Geography at the University of Vermont

B.A. Students

  • David Miller (B.A. 2013). Research Assistant, Boston University.
  • Max Metcalfe (B.A. 2012).  GIS Analyst, Apple Computer Corp.