For Faculty

LAs are undergraduates who assist faculty and teaching fellows in courses in which they have performed extremely well. While the LA program is currently limited to select STEM departments here at BU, we are working to expand within existing departments and to new departments.LA explaining an idea

LAs are more than just undergraduate teaching assistants who hand out worksheets or restock supplies in the lab. They assist during instructor, by managing the classroom, answering student questions, and even teaching lessons. All new LAs are required to take a course at the School of Education in order to learn about teaching methods and practices; they then apply this knowledge alongside instructors in the classroom.

The LA program benefits instructors, students, and the LAs themselves, by helping instructors engage and communicate with students, by enriching students’ learning experiences, and by expanding LAs’ understanding of how teaching and learning function.





LA-assisted courses are available in the following departments and programs:


BI106: Human Anatomy
BI107: Biology I
BI108: Biology II
BI315: Systems Physiology


CH101: General Chemistry I
CH102: General Chemistry II
CH171: Principles of General Chemistry I (Sargent)

Earth and Environment:

ES 105: Environmental Earth Sciences
GE375: Introduction to Quantitative Environmental Modeling


EK301: Engineering Mechanics I


NE102: Introduction to Cellular & Molecular Neurobiology
NE203: Principles of Neuroscience with Lab
NE204: Introduction to Computational Models of Brain & Behavior


PY104: Physics of Health Sciences (Sargent)
PY105: Elementary Physics I
PY106: Elementary Physics II
PY211: General Physics I
PY212: General Physics II
PY241: Principles of General Physics I
PY242: Principles of General Physics II
PY251: Principles of Physics I
PY252: Principles of Physics II
PY313: Elementary Modern Physics
PY351: Modern Physics I
PY355: Methods of Theoretical Physics
PY405: Electromagnetic Fields and Waves I
PY406: Electromagnetic Fields and Wave II
PY408: Intermediate Mechanics
PY451: Quantum Physics I

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies:

WS101: Gender and Sexuality I: An Interdisciplinary Introduction