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Open Source Global Health Textbook Now Available!

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Important text on Global Health Education now available open source!

From CUGH:

2nd Edition of Developing Global Health Programming
By Jessica Evert, Paul Drain, and Thomas Hall

The 2nd edition of Global Health Programming: A Guidebook by Medical and Professional Schools by Jessica Evert, Paul Drain, and Thomas Hall can be viewed in its entirety here.

This volume is an essential text for any academic institution, administrator, faculty, or student interested in developing or expanding global health education and international programs. It expands on the 1st edition and provides a comprehensive view of global health education that is useful for medical, nursing, dental, public health, and other professional schools. This book provides evidence, theory, and practical information to guide astute program development and gold standard practices.

Topics covered include ethics, pre-departure training, competencies, partnership structures, and much more. In addition, need-to-know resources and networking opportunities are detailed. This authoritative text has over 90 contributors, including trainee authors guided by faculty editors through a mentorship model.

Building the Test Kitchen for Medical Diagnostics

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Check out the article about the lab on BU Today.

Undergraduate Team Wins College Societal Impact Award

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Yash Adhikari, Angela Lai, Timothy Mon and Leslie Kimball Nordstrom have won the COE Societal Impact Award for Undergraduate Capstone Project in 2014!

“An Integrated Microfluidic Device for Diagnosing Neisseria gonorrhea”

SNAP Device Highlighted in Chemistry World

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A nice article on the work of Byrnes et al. in Chemistry World!

Institute of Primate Research, Nairobi, POC Conference Video

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Check out members of the Klapperich Lab and others from around the world talk about the next generation of point of care diagnostics for global health!

Microfluidics 2.0 Recorded Talks Online

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The Adobe Connect links for each of the four sessions are available at

Thank you to all who attended, both live and over the web!

Microfluidics 2.0 2012 Speaker List Finalized

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The speaker list for Microfluidics 2.0 2012 has been finalized! Please check it out and register at

Microfluidic Flu Chip Paper Published in PLoS ONE

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Microfluidic Chip for Molecular Amplification of Influenza A RNA in Human Respiratory Specimens

A rapid, low cost, accurate point-of-care (POC) device to detect influenza virus is needed for effective treatment and control of both seasonal and pandemic strains. We developed a single-use microfluidic chip that integrates solid phase extraction (SPE) and molecular amplification via a reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) to amplify influenza virus type A RNA. We demonstrated the ability of the chip to amplify influenza A RNA in human nasopharyngeal aspirate (NPA) and nasopharyngeal swab (NPS) specimens collected at two clinical sites from 2008–2010. The microfluidic test was dramatically more sensitive than two currently used rapid immunoassays and had high specificity that was essentially equivalent to the rapid assays and direct fluorescent antigen (DFA) testing. The microfluidic test extracted and amplified influenza A RNA directly from clinical specimens with viral loads down to 103 copies/ml in 3 h or less. The new test represents a major improvement over viral culture in terms of turn around time, over rapid immunoassay tests in terms of sensitivity, and over bench top RT-PCR and DFA in terms of ease of use and portability.

Dr. Klapperich to Speak in Kenya at “Bringing Diagnostic Prototypes to the Point of Care”

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Bringing Diagnostic Prototypes to the Point of Care

June 25-29, 2012

Institute of Primate Research (IPR) – Nairobi, Kenya

List of Speakers

Work with the Murthy Lab at NEU highlighted in CEN

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Chemical and Engineering News recently spotlighted the work of the Murthy Lab at Northeastern isolating rare cancer cells from complicated samples. Dr. Madhumita Mahalanabis of the Klapperich Lab contributed to this work.

Sorting Cells From Whole Blood

“Medical Diagnostics: A microfluidic device that separates rare cells could help diagnose cancer”

Link to the Analytical Chemistry paper.