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BUJOE194.1.coverVolume 194 • Number 1 • 2014 • Increasing Opportunities for Excellence in Educating African American Students:  Evidence and Insights

Featured Article: Orienting African American Male Adolescents toward Meaningful Literacy  Exchanges with Texts

     by  Alfred Tatum



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Talks with Journal Authors

The Journal of Education is pleased to offer a new online feature  – Talks with Journal Authors.  These recorded interviews between the journal staff and contributing authors offer readers another format to explore the key ideas and findings within each issue.  We will post recordings from new issues as we move forward, as well as return to previous issues and authors.

Featured Podcast:  Alan Gaynor and Chad d’Entremont 

dEntremont_headshot_1-14(2)Picture 16Charting the Course: Four Years of the Thomas W. Payzant School on the Move Prize” by Chad d’Entremont, Jill Norton, Michael Bennett, and Peter Piazza”

“Different Students: How Typical Schools Are Built to Fail and Need to Change: A Structural Analysis” by Alan Kibbe Gaynor

This podcast topic has two sections: the first is an in-depth, initial conversation between our guests, Alan and Chad.  The second is their further reflections after they had  had listened to the podcast. Hosted by Dean Coleman.       

Listen to the podcast here


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Letter from the Dean

DeanColeman_Official2014Within 20 minutes of my office…there is an elementary school classroom where a teacher has a sound system that allows her to send quiet messages to different corners of her room through her wireless microphone. Most of the children in her class come to school well-fed, clean, and prepared to learn, many from the moment they were born. There is also a classroom within 20 minutes of my office where many of the children may not know where they will be sleeping that night. The culture of their school is very different from the culture of their homes, and their mental and physical health needs may interfere with their preparedness to learn… 

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