We Offer

Custom Website Design ($65/hour)

Interactive Design offers comprehensive interactive design and production services for major University websites. A project may include any combination of the following:
  • Strategic planning
  • Information architecture
  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design
  • Custom WordPress theme and plugin development
  • Photographic selection, processing, and coordination of new photo shoots
  • Rich media development
  • Coordination of writing and proofreading.

Please note: the labor intensive nature of custom design projects can result in costs that exceed the budgets of smaller departments, so we’re building ways for everyone to benefit from our services by offering a growing library of highly customizable (and free!) WordPress designs. Interactive Design does not offer any of the above as stand-alone services.

Quick WordPress Website Setup ($45/hour)

As a new service offering intended to extend our expertise to smaller departments’ websites at a reduced cost, Interactive Design provides a limited set of visual enhancements and content recommendations to users of WordPress at BU. After an initial consultation, the setup includes:

  • Configuration of the WordPress Flexible Theme Framework (Flexi), tailored to existing content
  • Up to nine images processed and added to your site
  • Information architecture recommendations
  • Content expansion recommendations

Please note: this service is available only for websites already in WordPress. If your website is not yet in WordPress, you must request a migration from IS&T.

Brand Compliance Consultations (free!)

Since we’re responsible for ensuring the correct use of official university logos across all BU websites, you’re welcome to request a review of your website or ask any brand-related question. You’ll never be charged for this service, even if we need to provide you with a new logo file.

We Oversee

The University Brand

Interactive Design is responsible for the enforcement, articulation, and evolution of the University’s brand identity standards on the web.

The Design of Web Publishing Tools

In partnership with IS&T, Interactive Design designs tools and resources such as BU Mobile and BUniverse. We also play a large role in the creation and development of WordPress themes and plugins that are freely available to the BU community.

University-wide Website Design & Production

We design and produce some of the University’s flagship websites and publications such as Bostonia magazine, the Annual Report, and BU Today, as well as the most visible curator of editorial content, the BU homepage.