In 2013, Boston University was invited to join the prestigious Association of American Universities (AAU), a research consortium of leading North American universities. This marked a significant moment in our evolution as a major research institution and our research web presence needed to reflect that. In the past, stories of our developments and breakthroughs in the lab and the field were published in an annual print magazine and periodically on our daily news site BU Today. This approach limited our ability to fully highlight the depth and breadth of research at BU.

To move the ball forward, we conducted a website audit of the other 61 AAU schools, seeking a benchmark for our site. We came up with the following goals:

  1. Create a site that positions BU as a leading research university.
  2. Offer a centralized place to tell the story of the University’s research in meaningful ways—what we’re doing and how it’s making an impact.
  3. Illustrate the big picture of research at BU—our funding, centers and institutes, rankings.
  4. Showcase our diverse array of researchers—not only their awards and accolades, but their work and why it matters, whether through videos, Q&As, or feature articles.

In less than six months, we launched the new site, along with a dedicated reporter and editor producing fresh content that’s easily shareable, internally and externally.

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Launched: 10/16/2014. Customization: high.

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