Upcoming Conference: Trade Law in the Trump Era

Trade Law in the Trump Era: A Transatlantic Perspective is a conference where various law scholars will debate the impact of the Trump Era policies on the global economy. Below is a summary of the conference panels.

Boston University School of Law
September 8-9, 2017
765 Commonwealth Avenue, Barristers Hall

Friday – September 8

Panel 1: Regional and Bilateral Agreements: From NAFTA to TTIP – and Back
Moderator/Commentator: Rebecca Ingber (Boston University)

Joel Trachtman (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy) – Trade Policy in the Trump Administration
Alvaro Santos (Georgetown University) – The Future of NAFTA
Robert Wai (Osgoode Hall Law School) – Normal Trade Law

Panel 2: What Remains of Multilateralism?

Moderator/Commentator: Joost Pauwelyn (Georgetown University)

Robe Howse (NYU) – Why Multilateralism Still Matters – Most
Elizabeth Trujillo (Texas A&M) – TPP, CETA, and the Institutionalization of Regulatory Cooperation
Kerry Rittich (University of Toronto) – The Future of Multilateralism – A Labor Law Perspective

Panel 3: Trade, Democracy, and Distributive Justice
Moderator/Commentator: Rob Sloane (Boston University)

Dan Danielsen (Northeastern University) – Diagnosing the Inward Turn in Democratic Capitalist States: Is Trade Law the Problem?
Chantal Thomas (Cornell University) – Income Inequality and International Economic Law
Marija Bartl (University of Amsterdam) – Market Imaginaries and the TTIP

Panel 4: State-led Strategies for Growth and Financial Stability
Moderator/Commentator: Ruth Okediji (Harvard University)

Mark Wu (Harvard University) – China Inc.
Sonia Rolland (Northeastern University)/David Trubek (University of Wisconsin) – Emerging Economies, Developmental Strategies, and Trade Standards: The Search for Alternative Space
Chris Brummer (Georgetown University) – Trade and Financial Regulation
Kevin Gallagher (Boston University) – The Incompatibility of International Economic Law and Trade Law on Key Issues of Financial Stability

Panel 5: Trade Law and the EU: Distributive and Political Implications
Moderator/Commentator: Luwam Dirar (Harvard University)

Jen Riccardi (EU Delegation) – ‘Trade for All’ and EU Responses to the Trade Agenda of the Trump Administration
Fernanda Nicola (American University) – Diplomacy by Adjudication: Shifting Foreign Crises and Trade Disputes to Luxembourg
Daniela Caruso (Boston University) – RTAs and Non-Parties: An Analytical Framework

Saturday, September 9

Roundtable, Research Projects, Brunch, Farewell

Additional details can be found here: http://www.bu.edu/law/2017/08/02/trade-law-in-the-trump-era-a-transatlantic-perspective/.