Share Your #cfanotes

We invited you to take Esprit  behind the scenes of your works in progress, and you rose to the challenge.

You shared your sketchbooks, costume designs, business plans, installation models, and more on CFA’s social media pages. Here are just a few of our favorites so far.

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  • cfanotes3

    Julie Gratz (’11) and Inna Shnayder (CAS’11)

    Gratz and Shnayder’s logo design for their studio, Kaleida, which produces visuals for music.

  • julie

    Julie Gratz (’11) and Inna Shnayder (CAS’11)

    Sketches from the hand-painted, animated music video and website Gratz and Shnayder designed for Gary Waldman’s musical collective, Morebarn.

  • cfanotes7

    P. J. Bracco (’94)

    Storyboard sketch for the music video “After Life,” produced by Bracco’s company Red Hook Films.

  • cfanotes10

    P. J. Bracco (’94)

    Storyboard sketch for the music video “We're in for a Long Night,” produced by Bracco’s company Red Hook Films.

  • cfanotes12

    Taylor Mortell (’16)

    A sketch for the kinetic sculpture Mortell created in collaboration with BU’s new Engineering Product Innovation Center.

  • cfanotes1

    Andrea Bergart (’08)

    Bergart was “thinking about a range of ideas, from Constantin Brancusi to African sculptures” for this mixer truck mural study.

  • cfanotes2

    Andrea Bergart (’08)

    A model for one of Bergart’s concrete mixer truck murals. “I want to see a really big image outside that's not associated with a commercial agenda,” she says.

  • cfanotes13

    Yvonne Jung (’93) and Anthony Ruivivar (’92)

    A still from “The Blackout,” a multimedia installation presented at Bryant Park in New York City during the 2014 Super Bowl.

  • cfanotes6

    Michael Medico (’94)

    Storyboard sketches for Father Tiger’s music video, “First Love,” which Medico directed. The band has donated a portion of its iTunes proceeds to the fight for marriage equality.

  • cfanotes11

    Robert Stuart (’77)

    A photo montage of sketches from Stuart's studio. He presented a solo show of paintings at the Staunton Augusta Art Center in Staunton, Va., in summer 2014.

  • margo

    Margo Saulnier (’96)

    Saulnier collaborated with Harmonix, the producers of the video game Beatles Rock Band, to create a new audience sing-along.

  • smashnotes

    Jane Musky (’76)

    Musky is the production designer for films and television. She shares this sketch from her set design for the TV musical drama “Smash.”

Join the fun! Share a photo of your work in progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #cfanotes.

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  • Color shapes my work. I begin by seeing color relationships. In the process of painting, I find conversations between colors. A certain red speaks to a blue and both of them change. My new series of architectural landscapes will open on Oct. 8th in a show, “The Color of Light: Seasons in Portsmouth” at The Banks Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. All of the 20 paintings were conceived as a pairing of two seasons: winter and spring, summer or fall. There is a reductivism to winter, a simplicity that has given me permission to eliminate whatever is non-essential to the image. There will be a full color catalog with an essay by Chris Volpe accompanying this exhibition.

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