Undergraduate Courses in Language and Literature

Academic Year 2018-2019

The English Department at BU offers a range of courses for non-majors and more advanced students. Many of our courses fulfill multiple Hub capacities, and most are seminar-size (20 students or less). We encourage critical and creative thinking and writing, intellectual exploration, and interactions between students and professors.

Classes range across genres, history, and the globe and include a diversity of voices. Because the major and minor offer flexibility, students can take the classes that interest them most.

All courses carry 4 credits, unless otherwise indicated.

One course numbered EN 121-199 may count toward the major or minor if taken before or concurrently with EN 220.

If you are considering a major or minor in English, you should take EN 220 rather than WR 150, 151, or 152.

Spring Course offerings that fulfill upper level EN Major requirements:

Concepts and Methods of Literary Study:  EN 406, 473, 475, 490

Pre-1900 American Literature:  EN 333, EN 345, EN 475

Pre-1800 Literature: EN 364, EN 390, EN 473, EN 542

Diverse Literatures in English: EN 326, EN 327, EN 347, EN 356, EN 393, EN 586, EN 594