If you are looking to take courses outside BU, apply for transfer credit BEFORE you take the course. Do not assume that the course will be approved, and that you can fill out an application later. Do not assume your application will be approved because someone else’s was!

An eligible course should 1) include a minimum of 8-10 pages of formal writing that are graded and commented on by instructor, 2) at least 30-40 hours of class time, and 3) a reading load that is equivalent to those offered in English classes at Boston University.

Your application must include a course description and a recent or future syllabus for the course that includes the following information:

  • Institution, course number and title, name and title of the instructor
  • Reading list (author, title)
  • Grading scheme, course load, number and length of academic papers

Transfer credit applications are submitted to the English Department main office or emailed to english@bu.edu

Courses are reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. It can take up to TWO WEEKS to process your application during the academic year, so please submit your application in a timely manner. You will be informed via email about the decision once your application has been reviewed.

Summer applications may take longer than two weeks since the Director of Undergraduate Studies may not be available or on campus. Students who plan on registering for summer courses at other institutions should submit their transfer credit materials before the last day of classes at BU in order to ensure adequate time for evaluation.

The English Department will not print or gather any supporting material for your transfer credit application. Syllabi must be attached to the transfer application, which can be emailed to english@bu.edu


After your transfer credit is reviewed, the department staff will send it to your college’s Records Office, unless you specify that you wish to pick it up.

We do not grant CAS EN credit for classes that

  • were taken in high school with a high school faculty member as the instructor (even if the high school teacher was accredited by a college or university.)
  • provided credit towards your high school diploma.