BA/MA in English

This dual bachelor’s/master’s degree program provides successful undergraduate students the opportunity to complete a master’s degree in either eight or nine semesters, depending on their accumulated AP credits and/or summer courses. The last two years of undergraduate study are integrated with the first year of graduate work, reducing the time required to earn the two degrees. Successful completion of the BA/MA program may lead to enhanced career employment opportunities, professional training, or doctoral studies. BU English MAs have successfully pursued a variety of public, private, and not-for-profit career paths, including employment in teaching, not-for-profit administration, publishing, writing, research, and technology.

Applications must be received by March 1st of the junior year. Applicants must have completed at least five English courses at the time of application. The application consists of a BU transcript, two letters of recommendation, a writing sample (10 pages, usually drawn from previous coursework), and a personal statement describing the applicant’s interest in the program. For the official application, click here.

Requirements for completion of the BA/MA include eight courses at the graduate level (two at the 500-600 level, six at the 700 level), and proficiency in a foreign language. One 500-600 level course can count for both the BA and the MA (reducing the required courses to seven). The CAS undergraduate foreign language requirement automatically satisfies the MA language requirement.

For further information about application procedures and program requirements for the BA/MA in English, please consult the Graduate Bulletin  (note: the correct date for applying is 3/1. This detail has not yet been updated in the Graduate Bulletin)