Effective June 1, 2025

Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Programs are linked bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in which the two degrees are conferred sequentially. The English Bachelor’s-to-Master’s program allows students to apply a maximum of 4 credits from their undergraduate degree toward the associated master’s degree. The credits applied toward the master’s degree must be at the 500-level or above.

Students must apply to Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Programs before the conferral of the bachelor’s degree. Typically, students apply to the Bachelor’s-to-Master’s program in their Junior year. Students in the English Bachelor’s to Master’s Programs must complete at least 24 credits while enrolled as a graduate student. Students should consult with the Financial Assistance office to learn how entrance into the Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Program might impact their financial aid. Students must complete at least 38 courses (152 credits) total. Application information can be found here

The English Department’s Bachelor’s-to-Master’s Program provides successful undergraduate English majors the opportunity to complete a master’s degree either during their Senior year or with an additional semester of coursework following their Senior year. This is a highly selective and rewarding program offered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. For requirement details please visit the requirements page here.

Successful completion of the BA/MA program indicates extensive critical knowledge of literatures written in English, advanced interpretive, writing, and oral communication skills, proficiency in theoretical and methodical approaches to literary study, and a sustained engagement with research projects. The BA/MA program may lead to enhanced career employment opportunities, professional training, or doctoral studies. BU English MAs have successfully pursued a variety of public, private, and not-for-profit career paths, including employment in teaching, not-for-profit administration, publishing, writing, research, and technology.