The Discovery Channel Telescope

(from left): former CAS Dean Cudd, husband Neal, and Professor Clemens examine the DCT

(from left): Former CAS Dean Cudd, husband Neal, and Professor Clemens examine the DCT

The Discovery Channel Telescope (the “DCT”) is a state-of-the art, 4.3-meter optical and near-infrared telescope located in Happy Jack, Arizona, approximately 40 miles southwest of Flagstaff.  The DCT is owned and operated by Lowell Observatory with support from Discovery Communications, Inc., Boston University, the University of Maryland, the University of Toledo, and Northern Arizona University.

In October of 2011, BU and Lowell Observatory signed a formal agreement that grants BU astronomers access to the DCT in perpetuity. See the BU Today article about the partnership: BU Astronomers Take a Giant Step Forward. This article and video in Bostonia Magazine features Prof. Catherine Espaillat on a DCT observing run: Finding Planets Before They Happen.

In addition to carrying out forefront astronomical science with the DCT, members of the BU
Department of Astronomy in the College of Arts and Sciences will be working with their colleagues in the School of Education and the College of Communications to build a strong program of education and public outreach, centered on modern astronomical science and the DCT.  To learn more about the DCT and its capabilities, please visit the The Discovery Channel Telescope page at the Lowell Observatory.  More detailed information can be found at the BU Institute for Astrophysics Observing at Lowell page as well as the DCT Information Center page at Lowell Observatory.