Bridge BUilders “Getting Connected!”

Bridge BUildersOne small step! Video conferencing certainly hasn’t been newsworthy for many years. But today, we turned on our own modest version of this established communication tool and created an important direct link between our Biomedical Device Design Studio in the BME Department, and our Clinical Advisors at the BMC and the BU Medical Campus! Here, Dr. Alan Fujii, Director of the BMC NICU, and members of the BME Professional Masters Program were able to discuss the design of an IRB application between cases for Dr. Fujii, and between classes for the students. Again, not an earth-shattering breakthrough in communications technology, but it will be increasingly valuable as the Biomedical Engineers begin construction of more delicate and complex prototypes that will be difficult to transport between the CRC and Medical Campus. We respect the dedication and honor the care provided by the extraordinary members of the BU Clinical Community. Every incremental improvement in the efficient exchange of information between our Clinical Advisors and our Biomedical Engineers adds value to both groups, and to the greater Boston Community we serve! Teleconferencing today…3D virtual reality tomorrow!

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