Software and Hardware Support

Support of Electronic Media in the Classroom: The Media Group for classroom support services, media support, film/video, satellite, and Boston University Productions.

Information Services & Technology

Information Services & Technology Training

Software list
BU on-campus licenses exist for software used to develop dynamic and interactive online courses, electronic media and learning objects: Macromedia Suite: Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX, Fireworks, and Breeze

Low Threshold Applications (LTAs)
In LTAs, faculty and students use technology to improve teaching and learning. These specific applications are reliable, widely-available, non-intimidating, and have low input of time. The Teaching, Learning & Technology Group (TLT Group) maintains a webpage about LTAs including example LTAs submitted by members. Examples of LTAs include using Excel to determine letter grades from numerical grades, putting a welcome video on your course webpage, and uses of student Personal Response Systems.

Computer hardware support
If a problem arises with your computer system, first talk to your department or college systems manager or other relevant person in your unit. In some colleges there are centralized computer support groups. That person or group may be able to resolve your problem at no expense or at the cost of parts.

Learn more about purchasing software from IS&T.