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Image of Sue Miller

Sue Miller (Fiction 1980), author of numerous best-selling novels, including While I Was Gone.

Susan Mach (Playwriting 1995)

Virginia Magarine (Fiction 2003)

Anand Mahadevan (Fiction 2010)

Evan Magers (Fiction 2005)

Jill Maio (Fiction 2009)

Peter Marcus (Poetry 1995)

Kathryn Maris (Poetry 1996)

Jennifer Markell (Fiction and Playwriting, 1988)

Jessica Martin (Plays 1997)

Chloe Martinez (Poetry 2006)

Lucy Marx (Fiction 1992)

Stacy Mattingly (Fiction 2011)

Glyn Maxwell (Poetry 1996)

Matt Mayerchak (Plays 2002)

Austyn Ellese Mayfield (Poetry 2006)

Tom McClellan (Fiction 1989)

John McCoy (Fiction 1995)

Jill McDonough (Poetry 1998)

Eric McHenry (Poetry 1997)

Shea McInerney (Poetry 2002)

Diane Mehta (Poetry 1994)

Askold Melnyczuk (Fiction 1978)

Glen Merzer (Playwriting 1984)

Molly Smith Metzler (Playwriting 2002)

Patricia Meyer (Fiction 1983)

David Mildon (Playwriting 2002)

Jonathan Mirin (Playwriting 2003)

Charlie Mitchell (Playwriting 1993)

Susan Monsky (Fiction 1981)

Nick Montfort (Poetry 2001)

Jennifer Moses (Fiction 1983)

Andrew Mozina (Fiction 1990)

Richard Murphy (Poetry 1983)

Jonathon Myers (Playwriting 2007)

Samantha Myers (Poetry 2002)

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