Welcome to the Literary Translation Seminar at Boston University

The Boston University Literary Translation Seminar, offered every spring at BU for almost 40 years, was given shape and nurtured for its first three decades by the distinguished poet and translator Rosanna Warren. The Lecture Series in Literary Translation that accompanies this seminar gave rise to Warren’s anthology The Art of Translation: Voices From the Field (1989). Our guest lecturers have shared both practical and theoretical approaches to translation. They have included many of the most celebrated writers, translators, and translation scholars of the era; a partial list would include, for example:

Agha Shahid Ali, Esther Allen, Robert Alter, William Arrowsmith, Linda Asher, Paul Auster, Stanislaw Baranczak, Willis Barnstone, David Bellos, Susan Bernofsky, Frank Bidart, Yves Bonnefoy, Marie Borroff, Stan Brakhage, Joseph Brodsky, Ken Burns, D.S. Carne-Ross, John Ciardi, Peter Cole, Dick Davis, Lydia Davis, W.S. Di Piero, Moshe Dor, Robert Fagles, John Felstiner, David Ferry, Robert Fitzgerald, Everett Fox, Jonathan Galassi, Barbara Goldberg, Arthur Goldhammer, Edith Grossman, Rachel Hadas, Tony Harrison, Seamus Heaney, Michael Henry Heim, Jeffrey Henderson, Geoffrey Hill, David Hinton, Michael Hofmann, John Hollander, Richard Howard, Salma Jayyusi, Ha Jin, Donald Keene, Galway Kinnell, André Lefevere, Rika Lesser, Gideon Lester, Christopher Logue, Stanley Lombardo, Harvey Mansfield, Michael Mazur, Christopher Middleton, Stephen Mitchell, Stephen Owen, Tim Parks, Richard Pevear, Robert Pinsky, Michael Putnam, Gregory Rabassa, A.K. Ramanujan, Christopher Ricks, Paul Schmidt, Norman Shapiro, Don Share, Roger Shattuck, Richard Sieburth, Charles Simic, George Steiner, Mark Strand, Lucien Stryk, D.M. Thomas, Charles Tomlinson, Lawrence Venuti, Derek Walcott, Rosmarie Waldrop, Eliot Weinberger, Paul West, Richard Wilbur, C.K. Williams, Frederick Wiseman, Peter Wortsman, Adam Zagajewski, Harry Zohn, and many others.

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Recordings of the lectures will be made available, when possible, by the following Wednesday here.