Welcome to the Literary Translation Seminar at Boston University

The Boston University Literary Translation Seminar was given shape and nurtured for nearly 30 years by the distinguished poet and translator Rosanna Warren. The anthology The Art of Translation: Voices From the Field (1989) was edited by Professor Warren and arose from the Lecture Series in Literary Translation that accompanies this course. Our guest lecturers have come from a variety of backgrounds and have shared both practical and theoretical approaches to translation. They have included  Esther Allen, Susan Bernofsky, Yves Bonnefoy, Joseph Brodsky, Clare Cavanagh, Lydia Davis, John Felstiner, Jonathan Galassi, Edith Grossman, Donald Keene, David Ferry, Robert Fitzgerald, Seamus Heaney, Richard Howard, Parker Huang, Rika Lesser, Christopher Logue, Gregory Rabassa, Charles Simic, Norman Shapiro, George Steiner, Lawrence Venuti, Rosmarie Waldrop, Eliot Weinberger, Richard Wilbur, and many others.


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