Center for Memory and Brain

Core Faculty:

A central requirement of the program is a critical mass of core CMB faculty who are well established experts in this area, who share research interests, complement one another in techniques, represent a continuity of levels of analysis, and who are geographically contiguous in location to facilitate daily interaction.

Howard Eichenbaum, Director, Professor of Psychology, University Professor, is an internationally recognized leader in neuropsychology of memory in animals and characterization of memory coding properties of neurons.

Michael Hasselmo, Professor of Psychology, is an internationally known leader in  computationaland experimental analyses of neural circuits that mediate memory and in the pharmacology of memory.

Nancy Kopell, Professor of Mathematics, is an expert on neural dynamics, and is especially interested in neural rhythms and their functions.

Chantal E Stern, Professor of Psychology and faculty member at the MGH-NMR Center, is an expert in human brain imaging of memory systems.

The core faculty already have a track record of collaborative research. Eichenbaum has co-authored papers separately with Stern, and Hasselmo, and Eichenbaum and Hasselmo share a postdoctoral fellow and are co-PIs on a program project.  Stern and Hasselmo have co-authored papers, and share postdoctoral fellows.


Associate Members:

Marc Howard, Associate Professor of Psychology, develops mathematical models of cognition and evaluates their behavioral and neural predictions.

Uri Eden, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, develops mathematical and statistical methods to analyze neural spiking activity.


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