BU CFA Magazine Summer 2020 Issue 

Summer 2020

Cover Story:
Symphonic Dreams

BU CFA Magazine Fall 2019 Issue 

Fall 2019

Cover Story:
Snapshot of a Photographer

BU CFA Magazine Spring 2019 Issue 

Spring 2019

Cover Story:
Actor Alfre Woodard in Disney’s The Lion King

BU CFA Magazine Winter 2018 Issue 

Winter 2018

Cover Story:
Making the Moon Beast

BU Esprit Spring 2017 Issue 

Spring 2017

Cover Story:
A New Stage For CFA

BU Esprit Fall 2015 Issue 

Fall 2015

Cover Story:
From Sketch to Screen

BU Esprit Summer 2014 Issue 



Cover Story:
So You Think You Can Dance…To Mozart?

BU Esprit Summer 2013 Issue 

Summer 2013

Cover Story:
Who Is the Citizen Artist?

BU Esprit Spring 2012 Issue 

Spring 2012

Cover Story:
The Creative Life

BU Esprit Winter 2011 Issue 

Spring 2011

Cover Story:
Destination: Inspiration (pdf)

BU Esprit Winter 2010 Issue 

Winter 2010

Cover Story:
Artists Unite! Members of the CFA community are rallying for the arts (pdf)

Let the Sparks fly!

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