Smart Classrooms

CELOP has renovated and modernized all of its classrooms. Now, all CELOP classrooms are “smart” rooms. That mean each classroom has a built-in, state-of-the-art audio and video projection equipment. All primary CELOP classrooms also have built-in computers with an internet connection.

CELOP has four Computer Language Classrooms available for core and elective classes as well as self-study areas for homework, test preparation (TOEFL, GRE, and SAT), and general improvement of your grammar, listening, pronunciation, and vocabulary skills. You can also check email, browse the Internet, use Skype, etc. The labs offer 70 Apple computers for CELOP students and faculty to use in classes and on their own. All labs feature high-speed Internet access and multimedia capabilities to enhance English language instruction.

CELOP has one computer lab in Room 267b, also called the “Open Lab. The Open Lab is always open to students before, after, and during classes. You can check your email, browse the Internet, Skype, do your homework, and study English on your own. In the afternoons, an ESL teacher can assist you with any English or computer questions in the lab.

The Global Program Technology Support staff, in Room 253, are available to you all day for computer support. If you have a problem in the computer lab or with your laptop or smart phone, please visit the technology office.

The Boston University Information Services & Technology (IS&T) office also provides free support for personal computers and software at two campus locations:

IT Help Centers

Mugar Memorial Library, 1st Floor
771 Commonwealth Avenue

West Campus
179  Amory Street

CELOP has computer training and orientation materials, written and video, available for students.