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Week of 1 February 2002 · Vol. V, No. 21

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New findings from SSW study
Parental alcoholism downgraded as main cause of emotional problems

By David J. Craig
In the past 20 years, numerous studies have shown that children of alcoholics are more likely to develop serious emotional difficulties as adults than children whose parents do not abuse alcohol. But a new BU study shows that other childhood experiences, such as suffering sexual or physical abuse or being raised in an cold and distant environment, are linked statistically with long-term psychiatric problems more strongly than is parental alcoholism.

Rising biomedical engineering star joins ENG

By David J. Craig
In January, BU added to its faculty one of the brightest young engineers working on bioMEMS, Tejal Desai, as an associate professor of biomedical engineering at the College of Engineering. Desai is one of the first faculty members recruited in an effort to build a top-tier program in subcellular bioengineering.

Eagles airborne or Terriers on terra firma?
BU-BC Beanpot matchup freighted with emotions and remembrance of games past

By Brian Fitzgerald
Is it safe to assume that the hockey Terriers, after defeating 2001 national champion Boston College in back-to-back games on January 18 and 20, will get a pep talk from BU coach Jack Parker before their February 4 faceoff against the Eagles in the opening round of the Beanpot Tournament?

From assembly line to poetic line
Literary tour strengthens U.S.-Honduran ties

By Hope Green
Tino Villanueva, a CAS preceptor in modern foreign languages and literatures and an award-winning poet, recently returned from a trip to Honduras that one reporter there called "as important as the first cultural mission to Honduras by a group of U.S. archaeologists in the early 1950s."

Stonehenge in America?
Archaeology professor debunks claims for ancient rock structures as pseudoscientific fallacy
By Brian Fitzgerald

Bringing the East to the West where the twain meet in art
By Hope Green

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1 February 2002
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