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Two plays by Federico Garcia Lorca - Blood Wedding at the BU Theatre Studio 210 through October 13, and Yerma at SFA's Studio 104 through October 14

Vol. V No. 9   ·   12 October 2001 

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Hooked on Photonics
of light will revolutionalize 21st century, says BU expert

To many people, the word photonics conjures up thoughts of esoteric devices found in supercomputers and in underground telecommunications networks. But according to Cliff Robinson, the assistant director of BU's Photonics Center, photonics is more than a buzzword to describe the way engineers are harnessing light to advance computing technology.

Alumni Profile
Carlos Samour: a pioneer in the field of polymer chemistry

In the late 1980s, Carlos Samour, as chairman of MacroChem Corporation, focused on a technology that he felt had great promise: transdermal drug delivery.


BU steps up to the collection platewith $180,000 United Way goal

Veteran reporter Dick Gordon takes over as host of WBUR's The Connection

Five years ago, Dick Gordon was in Taliban-controlled Kabul, Afghanistan, covering the factional fighting in the region as a reporter for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).


Real life lesson: think
How does one learn to learn?

College is not merely about meeting the right people or preparing for a vocation or filling a knapsack of facts," says George Erhlich, a University of Pennsylvania rheumatologist. "The true objective is to open the minds of students to the world -- and help them to learn to think so they can act appropriately when they encounter new facts and ideas."

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Terrier pride

Farewell to the grande dame of gastronomy

Sterling Hayden





12 October 2001
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