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Table Of Contents: Features

The Acts of God Algorithm

Why the insurance industry is headed for the perfect storm

The Waiting Game

Richard Goldstein’s unraveling of a genetic puzzle could save a million lives a year

Not Varsity Sports

The team that has the most fun wins

Amazing Grace

In five decades, Grace Bumbry’s career has soared, from Wagner to Scott Joplin

Table Of Contents: Commonwealth

Perfect Day for A Commencement

Attorney General Eric Holder calls on the Class of 2010 to “improve the world around you"

At Long Last, Commencement

Class of 1970 returns to take care of some unfinished business

O’Connell Memorial Scholarship

Alumna's bequest biggest of its type in BU history

Exploring the History in Our Blood

BU program helps answer questions about family

Student Center Coming to East Campus

$50 million facility for dining, academic, and career services

Tweeting Their Thesis

Students summarize their research, in 140 characters

The BU Sessions

Videos showcase campus music scene

When Stuff Takes Over

Gail Steketee studies why people hoard books, clothes, even take-out containers

Answering the Call to Serve

Some 3,000 volunteers turn out to help out

The Passion of Patrick Chambers

First-year b-ball coach grabs a handful of firsts

All Religions Are Not Alike

Stephen Prothero calls “pretend pluralism” a danger

Expanding the BUniverse

BU’s new video-sharing Web site wants you

BU Provost to Step Down

David Campbell plans to return to research

Speaking Jazz

Poetry gets physical as Pinsky jams with musicians

Measuring Calories on the iPhone

Trying to lose weight? There’s an app for that

Table Of Contents: Explorations

Learning Not to Share

On social networks, how much information is too much? Evimaria Terzi says it’s less than you think

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One Small Step for Man

Were the first humans walkers or tree climbers? An anthropologist puts the clues together

Syllables and Self-Esteem

BU's speech disorders clinic helps stutterers put an end to it

Table Of Contents: Alumni Books And Reviews

The Story That Refused to Stay Short

With a nod to Tolstoy, Daphne Kalotay spins a tale of love’s cost, history, and consequences

Three Women and a Donor

By embracing single motherhood, Beth Jones and her friends found love, family — and a book deal

When Is Divorce the Answer?

Birnbach’s book offers "reality test" for troubled marriages

Table Of Contents: Alumni Notes

The World Is Flat, Again

D. J. Capobianco (COM’10) puts social media to work for business

Bringing Doughnuts to India

Tejas Kapadia (CAS’99) finds success making a distinctly American food, and will soon send profits to charities

Seriously Funny

Onion anchor Kyla Grogan (COM’91) reports everything but the truth

Entrepreneur, Researcher, Med Student, and...

Andrey Ostrovsky (CAS’06, MED’11) is an achiever in overdrive

Table Of Contents: Obituaries

A “Force of Nature” in Skin Cancer Research

MED’s Marie-France Demierre was a tireless advocate of sun safety

“A True Pacifist”

STH’s Paul K. Deats tackled social issues with compassion