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Table Of Contents: Features

Game Changers

How BU’s brain discoveries are influencing America’s most popular sport

Someplace Better

Tracing the migration of African Americans from the South to the North and West

Five Ways to Get There

BU alumni hope to make the world a greener and more energy-efficient place

Street Medicine

Jeff Stein (CAS’11) carries on the proud and contrary tradition of protestor and street medic


A new treatment for alcoholism at the School of Medicine defies the recovery movement

Table Of Contents: Commonwealth

Beekeepers on the Charles

A new student club buzzes into action

Fútbol Finale

Men’s soccer star Aaron O’Neal looks to make senior season his best yet

Conducting Electricity

Alum Steven Mercurio helps Sting bring his pop music to worldwide audiences

A Military Man Calls for Cutting the Military

Andrew Bacevich’s new book: United States can’t be the world’s cop

Help for Night Drivers

Engineering students’ system displays “threats” to moving vehicles

Myq Takes the Mic

An alum’s fight to be the last comic standing ends in final round

The Conditioner

Glenn Harris helps varsity athletes become all that they can be

Sheveloff Bids BU Farewell

From prelude to postlude, 45 years as dynamic music professor, provocateur

We Deliver

Volunteers deliver breads, canned goods, and beverages, saving 100,000 pounds of food per year

Taking Help to Haiti

LAW students become medics

Kenneth W. Freeman Named Dean of SMG

CEO led Quest Diagnostics to global prominence

Benjamín E. Juárez New College of Fine Arts Dean

The conductor, producer, educator has worked internationally

Seasoned Entrepreneur Takes Over at SHA

Christopher Muller: hospitality is vital to humanity

Quiet Donors of MED’s Largest-Ever Gift Step Forward

$10.5M for the Dahod Breast Cancer Research Center

A Trustee’s Challenge Raises $2.3M

Money will go to scholarships, emergency financial aid, and other pressing needs

College of Engineering ECE Chair Dies

Franco Cerrina remembered as warm, personable

Elie Wiesel Gets a Place in the Firmament

Newly discovered asteroid named for Nobel laureate

Table Of Contents: Explorations

Trees of Life

Can forests save the Earth from greenhouse gases?

The Wages of Love

Dual-career couples stay together longer

Countdown to Extinction

Little brown bats may soon vanish in the Northeast

Lost in Translation

Speech therapists help bilingual stroke patients find their voice

Table Of Contents: Alumni Books And Reviews

Heart and Soul

G. Willow Wilson’s memoir of embracing Islam and finding love

Table Of Contents: Alumni Notes

A Firehouse Mural for the Fallen

CFA alums create memorial at an iconic firehouse

Coming Back to Kindness

Mike Jenkins (COM’71) helps the poor and disadvantaged in a Salvadoran village

Two Wheels, Three Continents, Seventeen Countries

Muhanad Al-Sultan (ENG’93) circuited the globe on his beloved motorcycle

Table Of Contents: Obituaries

Writer, Poet, Accomplished Musician

CGS Assistant Dean Robert Emery was devoted to the art of writing, and to his students