BioInterface Technologies (BIT) Facility

Lab Director: Dr. Xin Brown


Location: ERB B08 (44 Cummington Mall) 

The BioInterface Technologies Facility is a central teaching and research facility with a focus on biomaterial and tissue engineering. It offers instrumentation and service in biomaterial synthesis, property analysis and biological assessment.

Training and General Policies

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Mechanical Testing

  • Instron 5848 Micro-tester
  • TA Instruments Q800 DMA
  • TA Instruments DHR-2 Rheometer
  • Optics11 Piuma NanoIndentor

Surface Analysis

  • Asylum Research MFP-3D AFM
  • Biolin Scientific QCM-D
  • Nicolet  4700 FTIR-ATR
  • Kruss DSA100 Contact Angle Goniometer
  • Kruss K11 Force Tesiometer
  • PDS 2010 Parylene Deposition System

Thermal Analysis

  • TA Instruments Q10 DSC
  • MicroCal VP-ITC
  • MicroCal VP-DSC

Particle Analysis

  • Brookhaven 90plus Nano-Particle Sizer with Zeta Potential
  • Coulter Z2 Analyzer
  • Izon Science qNano


  • Applied Biosystems StepOne Plus Realtime PCR
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax M5 Microplate Reader
  • BioRad Versadoc Imaging System
  • Virtis Benchtop Pro Lyophilizer
  • Microm Microtom HM355S
  • Microm Cryostat HM525