Program Coordinator


Olivia started her time at BU back in 2007 as a Sociology student, where she focused on queer theory and the sociology of religion. She came back to BU in 2013 as junior staff at the Philosophy department, and after a long and happy time there she was promoted into WGS in 2020. As a student she now focuses on data science and data engineering, with a focus on building robust and expandable ETL pipelines and data visualization tools. In her extremely limited free time she volunteers with local performing arts organizations providing technical consulting and data analysis work around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. She most recently provided trans consultancy work for the Gender Explosion Initiative for training being provided to theatres on and off Broadway in New York.

Olivia is a proud trans woman who has been out since January 2019, and she transitioned at work in October 2019. She welcomes any trans or non-binary student to reach out to her if they need help navigating their transition while attending BU.