Societies/ Sociétiés/ Gesellschaften/ Sociedades

The following societies have requested space at the Congress as of June 1998. For more details, such as speakers, paper titles, and dates and times for many of these societies' meetings, please see the Society Speakers pages.

Name Contact
Academy for Jewish Philosophy Norbert Samuelson
Alain L. Locke Society Leonard Harris
American Association of Philosophy Teachers Arnold Wilson
American Catholic Philosophical Assoc. Roundtable Julian Davies
American Catholic Philosophical Association Dominic Balestra and Michael Baur 
American Indian Philosophy Association Anne Waters
American Philosophical Association (APA)  Eric Hoffman
American Society for Aesthetics Curtis Carter
American Society for Philosophers, Counseling, and Psychotherapy Kenneth F.T. Cust
Assoc. for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking Jonathan Adler
Assoc. for the Foundations of Science Paul Humphreys
Assoc. for the Philosophy of Education Harvey Siegel
Bertrand Russell Society John Lenz
Computing and Philosophy Robert Cavalier
Concerned Philosophers for Peace William Gay
Conference of Philosophical Societies Sander Lee
European Forum of Good Clinical Practice Francis Crawley
Foundation for Social Progress Anthony Mansueto
Fourth International Jaspers Conference Leonard Ehrlich
Gabriel Marcel Society Patrick Bourgeois
Gilson Society for the Study of the History of Philosophy w/ Yves R. Simon Institute Peter A. Redpath
Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz Gesellschaft Robert M. Adams
Hegel Society of America Michael Baur
Institut Internationale de Philosophie Jaakko Hintikka
International Association of Educators for World Peace, Philosophy Section Charles Mercierca
International Association of Women Philosophers Linda Lopez McAlister
International Christian Studies Association Oskar Gruenwald
International Economics and Philosophy Society Julian Lamont
International Ernst Bloch Society Rainer Zimmerman
International Hobbes Society Martin Bertman
International Institute for Field-Being Curtis R. Naser
International Philosophers for Peace and the Elimination of Nuclear and Other Threats to Global Existence Glen Martin
International Society for Chinese Philosophy Chung-ying Cheng
International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE) Holmes Rolston, III
International Society for Neo-Platonic Studies Christos Evangeliou
International Society for Universalism Albert Anderson
International Society for Value Inquiry John Abbarno
Intl. Society of African/African Diaspora Philosophy Leke Adeofe
International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics Richard DeGeorge
International Society Thomas Aquinas Abelardo Lobato
Japanese Society for Study of Philosophical Materialism Tsuneo Kato
John Dewey Society Robert Morris
Leibniz Society of North America Robert M. Adams
Metaphysical Society of America Oliva Blanchette
National Association of Scholars Peter Redpath
Nietzsche Society Babette Babich
North American Adam Smith Society Douglas Uyl
North American Kant Society Jane Kneller
North American Nietzsche Society Alan Schrift
North American Society for Social Philosophy Joseph Betz
North Carolina Philosophical Society Laura Duhan Kaplan
Philosophic Society for the Study of Sport Sharon Stoll
Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain Mike McNamee
Radical Philosophy Association Debra Nails
REALIA - Institute For Advanced Philosophic Research Lydia E. K. Eaton
Russian Philosophical Society Alexander Chumakov
Santayana Society Herman Saatkamp, Jr.
Sartre Circle Ronald Santoni
Sartre Society of North America Betty Bowman and  Robert Stone
Societe Philosophique de Kinshasa (SOPHIK) Tshiamalenga Ntumba
Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy Anthony Preus
Society for Continental Philosophy and Theology Norman Wirzba
Society for Iberian and Latin American Thought Oscar Marti
Society for Indian Philosophy Chandana Chakraba
Society for Philosophical Inquiry Christopher Phillips
Society for Philosophy and Public Affairs Carol C. Gould
Society for Philosophy in America  
Society for Philosophy of Creativity Larry Cobb
Society for Process Studies Joseph Grange
Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy and the Center
for Dewey Studies
Larry Hickman
Society for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry Jennifer Radden
Society for the Advancement of Philosophy of Children Matthew Lipman
Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Helmut Wautischer
Society for the Philosophic Study of Contemporary Visual Arts Sander Lee
Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism Edward D'Angelo
Society for the Study of Woman Philosophers Cecile Tougas
Society of Christian Philosophers Kelly Clark
Society of Philosophers in America (SOPHIA) John A. Loughney
The Association of Chinese Philosophers in America Peimin Ni
The Association of Philosophy Journal Editors Nancy Simco
The Polanyi Society Richard Gelwick
The Society for Business Ethics George Brenkert
The Social Philosophy Research Institute John A. Loughney
The Susanne Langer Society Dorothy Morosoff
The World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
Value Inquiry Book Series Sander Ginsberg
Xavier Zubiri Foundation of America Thomas Fowler

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