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Below please find the listing of available society meeting details. We hope to add more information as it is made available. If you have accessed the Congress Web Site using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or a similar program, it is possible to search for a keyword or name on this page using the find function under the heading edit of your browser. Otherwise, please browse through the page below in order to locate the information. For additional program information please select one of the following categories: Master Schedule, Invited Program, Round Tables, Societies, or Contributed Papers.

Date, Time, Chair Speakers Title

American Catholic Philosophical Association

8/11, 14-15:50; Dominic J. Balestra (USA) Kenneth L. Schmitz (Canada); Respondents: John D. Caputo (USA), Thomas R. Flynn (USA), James L. Marsh (USA) Postmodernism and the Idea of a Catholic Philosophical Tradition

American Society for Philosophy, Counseling, and Psychotherapy

8/13, 14-15:50; John M. Abbarno (USA) Elliot Cohen (USA) Conflict of Interest in Counseling and Psychotherapy
Kenneth F.T. Cust (USA) The Private Practice of Philosophy
Thomas Magnell (USA) Philosophical Practice as Education
8/14, 12-13:50; Paul Allen (USA) Vaughana Feary (USA) Feminine and Feminist Perspectives on Virtue Based Philosophical Counseling with Women
Pierre Grimes (USA) The Moral Crisis in the Exploration of Philosophical Midwifery
8/14, 16-17:50; Regina Uliana Paula Manchester (USA) and Steve Palmquist (Hong Kong) Kant's Architectonic Turn as a Model for Philosophical Practice: The Philosopher as Architect, Teacher, or Friend?
Louis Marinoff (USA) Inculcating Virtue in Philosophical Practice
8/14, 18-19:50; Scott Martin (USA) Peter Raabe (Canada) Why Has God Forsaken Me? Philosophical Counseling: A Crisis of Faith
Susan Robbins (USA) The Myth of Professional Neutrality
Wayne Shelton (USA) The Role of Philosophical Counseling in Clinical Medical Ethics Consulations

American Society of Aesthetics

8/12, 18-19:50; Curtis Carter (USA) Michael Krausz (USA), Joseph Margolis (USA), Richard Shusterman (USA)  

Association for Informal Logic and Critical Thinking

8/13, 10-11:50 Ralph Johnson (Canada) and Anthony Blair (Canada); Panelists: David Hitchcock (Canada), James Freeman (USA), John Woods (UK) History and Background
8/13, 14-15:50; Mark Weinstein (USA) Panelists: Robert Ennis (USA), Harvey Siegel (USA) Critical Thinking: Theory and Practice

Association for the Foundations of Science

8/10, 16-17:50 Tian Yu Cao (USA) Representation or Construction? An Interpretation of Quantum Field Theory
James T. Cushing (USA) Quantum Mechanics and the Limits of Scientific Knowledge
John Norton (USA) Does Information Theory Defeat the Maxwell Demon?
8/11, 16-17:50 Diederik Aerts (Belgium), Jan Broeckaert (Belgium), and Sonja Smets (Belgium) The Liar-Paradox in a Quantum Mechanical Perspective
Lorenzo Magnani (Italy) Withdrawing Unfalsifiable Hypotheses
Peter Menzies (Australia) David Lewis on Chancy Counterfactuals
Rinat M. Nugayev (Russia) Einstein's Revolution: A Case Study in Communicative Rationality

Association for the Philosophy of Education

8/14, 14-15:50 Randal Curran, Rachana Kamteker, Peter Simpson, Charles Young Aristotle on the Necessity of Public Education

Computing and Philosophy

8/13, 9-9:50 Selmer Bringsjord (USA) The Impact of Computing on Epistemology: Knowing Godel's Mind Through Computation
8/13, 10-11:50 David L. Anderson (USA) and John A. Barker (USA) Computer Simulations, Robots, and Virtual Persons in Undergraduate Instruction: A Report on the PT-Project
Anthony F. Beavers (USA) The 4th Tetralogy: An Online Exploration of Plato's Middle Dialogues
8/13, 12-13:50 Charles Ess (USA) The Electronic Global Village: Cosmopolitan Ideal or Cybercentrism?
L. C. Asiegbu (Nigeria) Ethics and Computers
8/13, 14-15:50 William Uzgalis The Utopian Visions Web Site: An Online Effort to do Philosophy
Kay Mathiesen Tracking the User: Private Thoughts on the Internet
Don Fallis Signaling Theory and Internet Epistemology
8/13, 16-17:50 Robert Cavalier (USA) Project THEORIA: Interactive Multimedia in Ethics (A Right to Die? The Dax Cowart Case and The Issue of Abortion in America)
8/14, 9-9:50 Randy Dipert (USA) The Impact of Computing on the Teaching of Logic
8/14, 12-13:50 Brian J. Rosmaita (USA) Web Support for Student Research and Writing in the Philosophy Curriculum: The OhiloLINK History of Philosophy Instructional Web Site
Mark Rooks (USA) Full Text Databases -- Philosophy and the History of Ideas
George Leaman (USA) The Poiesis Project -- Philosophy Journals Online
8/14, 14-15:50 Mike Sandbothe (Germany) Pragmatism and Philosophical Media Theory
Catherine Womack (USA) Church's Thesis and the Status of Idealization in Mathematics
Marvin Croy (USA) Interface Design, Student Performance, and the Working Backwards Method of Proof Construction
8/14, 16-17:50 Lawrence M. Hinman (USA) Using Digital, Audio, and Video in World Wide Web Ethics' Conferences and Lectures
Terry Bynum (USA) Using CD-ROMs to Teach Philosophy
(Members) Closing Session: Preparing for CAP 2000

Fourth International Jaspers Conference

8/10, 12-13:50, Kurt Salamun (Austria) Gregory J. Walters (Canada) Communication and the Third Industrial Revolution: Technology and the End of Work
Sawako Hanyu (Japan) Jasper's Existenz-Philosophy in this "Informational" Age
Edith Ehrlich (USA) Jaspers on Women
8/10, 14-15:50, Leonard H. Ehrlich (USA) and Sawako Hanyu (Japan) Albrecht Kiel (Germany) Drei Thesen zur philosophischen Logik von Jaspers
Gerhard Knauss (Germany) Die Bedeutung der Idee des Umgreifenden für die Philosophie der Zukunft
Hans Saner (Switzerland) Jaspers' Versuche der Veranschaulichung seiner Periechontologie
Raymond Langley (USA) Japsers's Geometric Ontology
Endre Kiss (Hungary) Wissenschaft und Philosophie in gegenseitiger Beleuchtung bei Jaspers
Tsuyoshi Nakayama (Japan) Jaspers und die Mystik
8/10, 16-17:50, Jospeh W. Koterski, S.J. (USA) Jun Fukaya (Japan) Christianity for the Japanese and Jaspers's Philosophy
Kazuko Hara (Japan) Philosophischer Glaube bei Jaspers und die Zunkunft der Religionen
Hermann-Josef Seideneck (Germany) Das komplementa:re Spannungsgefüge von Wissen und Glaube in konkret-geschichtlicher Perspektive von Bultmann-Jaspers-Drewermann
8/11, 18-19:50, George B. Pepper (Canada) Elena Bezzubova (Russia) Self-Consciousness: Jaspersian Phenomenology and Russian Phenomenological Anthropology
Matthias Bormuth (Germany) Karl Jaspers's Criticism of Psychoanalysis with Reference to Max Weber
S. Nassir Ghaemi (USA) Psychological Bases for the Existential Philosophy of Karl Jaspers
Murray McLachlan (Australia) Jaspers's "General Psychopathology" as a Synthesis of Empirical Science with Transcending Philosophy
8/12, 18-19:50, Gregory J. Walters (Canada) Pablo Lo'pez-Lo'pez (Spain) Lebensführung als Lebenlernen
Robin A. Roth (USA) Psychotherapy: Nietzsche and Jaspers
Paul G. Sturdee (UK) Empathy, Ethics, and Existentialism
Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. (USA) Jaspers's Idea of the University Re-Examined
8/13, 10-11:50, Kurt Salamun (Austria) Paula Patricia Arizpe (Mexico) La verdad communicativa como reto creativo en Karl Jaspers
Juthika Das (India) The Proablems of Modern Humanity and Jaspers's Thought
Filiz Peach (UK) Jaspers, Heidegger, and the Existential Significance of Death
Czeslawa Piecuch (Poland) Existentielle Erfahrung als "Metaphysische Aufgabe"
8/13, 12-13:50, Joseph W. Koterski, S.J. (USA) and Richard Wisser (Germany) Akihiko Hirano (Japan) Die Frage nach dem Sinn der Aneignung der Tradition in der Sicht von Nietzsche und Jaspers
Jean-François Mèthot (Canada) "This is How it Stands:" Jaspers and Wittgenstein on Science and Philosophy
Bernd Weidmann (Germany) Ethos der Wahrhaftigkeit und Ethik des Streites: Karl Jaspers als Kritiker von Jürgen Habernas
Reinhard Schulz (Germany) Die verschiedene Bedeutung von Paradoxien für den Ursprung von Erkenntnis bei Jaspers und Luhmann
Young do Chung (South Korea) Das Lesen der Chiffrenschrift als Sprache der Transzendenz bei Jaspers
8/13, 18-19:50, Andreas Cesana (Germany) Iwona Alechnowicz (Poland) Wahrheit und Feiheit bei Karl Jaspers und Edith Stein
Maria Luisa Basso-Vetri (Italy) Der Freiheitssinn bei Jaspers in Hinsicht auf Kant
Leonard H. Ehrlich (USA) Heideggers Seinsdenken aus der Sicht von Arendt und Jaspers
Richard Wisser (Germany) Zum Briefwechsel Martin Heidegger und Karl Jaspers
8/14, 18-19:50, Andreas Cesana (Germany) and Young do Chung (South Korea) Giorgio Penzo (Italy) Jaspers' politische Philosophie und das neue Europa
Shuji Imamoto (Japan) Die Krise Japans und Jaspers'sche Philosophie
Krystyna Go'rniak-Kocikowska (Poland) The Relevance of Jaspers's Idea of Communication in the Age of Global Society
Inigo Bocken (The Netherlands) Die Konzeption des Überpolitischen und die Frage nach der Religion bei Jaspers
8/15, 18-19:50, Gregory J. Walters (Canada) Indu Sarin (India) Between Past and Future: The Possibilities of Existential Illumination
Andreas Cesana (Germany) Jaspers' Projekt "Weltphilosophie:" Paradigma interkultureller Kommunikation?
Dominic Kaegi (Germany) Humanismus des einzelnen Menschen
Kurt Salamun (Austria) Existenz and Reason: Dimensions of Humanity in Karl Jaspers's Philosophy

Gabriel Marcel Society

8/13, 18-19:50, Dr. Patrick L. Bourgeois (USA) Guillermine de Lacoste (USA), Jeanette Bresson Ladegaard Knox (France), K.R. Hanley (USA), Simone Plourde (Canada)  

Gilson Society for the Study of the History of Philosophy w/ Yves R. Simon Institute

8/12, 18-19:50 Jorge J.E. Gracia (USA), Alice Ramos (USA), Joseph Califano (USA), Peter Redpath (USA) Sociological Accounts in the History of Philosophy? (Jorge Gracia)

Gottfried-WIlhelm-Leibniz Gesellschaft

8/12, 12-13:50 Ursula Goldenbaum (Germany) Leibniz' Criticism of Newton in the Light of Their Confessional Differences
Andre Robinet (France) Leibniz: principes de la taison et division des facultes universitaires
Nelly Robinet Une lecture de la Lettre sur l'Education d'un Prince, au regard des sciences de l'education contemporaines


Date, Time, Chair Speakers Title

Hegel Society of America (HSA)

8/12, 14-15:50, Riccardo Pozzo (USA) Ardis Collins (USA) Hegel on Work, Citizenship and Language
Jeffrey Reid (USA) Hegel and the State University
Robert R. Williams (USA) Reason, Authority, and Recognition in Hegel's "Theory of Education"
8/12, 16-17:50, Allen Speight (USA) George di Giovanni (Canada) (commentator), Kenneth R. Westphal (USA) (commentator), H. S. Harris (Canada) (respondent)  

Institut Internationale de Philosophie

8/11, 14-15:50, G.H. von Wright (Finland) Karl-Otto Apel (Germany), Dagfinn Föllesdal (Norway), F. Miro Quesada (Peru) Discussion of the Maimonides Lecture by G.H. von Wright
8/12, 12-13:50 Robert Cohen (USA) Marxisms and Scientific Philosophy
J.C. Nyiri (Hungary) Post-Literacy as a Source of Twentieth-Century Philosophy
J.A. Passmore (Australia) Gifts from Austria
8/14, 12-13:50 Martin Kusch (Germany) Antipsychologism and Antisocialism in Early Twentieth-Century German Philosophy
J.N. Mohanty (India) Concsiousness or Language: What Is the Basic Concern of Twentieth-Century Philosophy?
Gabriel Motzkin (Israel) Representation and the Challenge of Psychologism
8/14, 18-19:50 Burton S. Dreben (USA) Austin, Quine, and Wittgenstein: Are They Doing Philosophy?
Rudolf Haller (Australia) Emotions
Anthony Kenny (UK) TBA
8/15, 12-13:50 Oswaldo Chateaubriand (Brazil) Descriptions: Frege and Russell Combined
Paul Gochet The Dynamic Turn in Twentieth-Century Logic

International Association of Educators for World Peace, Philosophy Section

8/13, 12-13:50, Charles Mercieca (USA) David Felder (USA), Mitchell L. Gold (Canada) Peace Education Studies and Programs

International Economics and Philosophy Society

8/12, 18-19:50, Edward McClennen (USA) Brian Skyrms (USA), Peter Danielson (Canada), William Harms (USA)  
8/13, 10-11:50 Daniel Shapiro (USA) Communitarianism and Social Insurance
N. Scott Arnold (USA) "Making a Statement" as a Reason for Government Regulation
Gerald Gaus (USA) (commentator)  
8/13, 12-13:50, Russell Hardin Robert E. Goodin (Australia) Treating Likes Alike, Intergenerationally and Internationally
Clark Wolf (USA) Justice Across Generations
Doug Maclean (USA) (commentator)  
8/13, 14-15:50, Gerald Gause (USA) Don Ross (South Africa) Isolation, Realism and Game-Theoretic Models: The Problem of Typing Games
Jack Vromen (The Netherlands) Why Select Selection? On Theoretical Isolation in Evolutionary Economics
Uskali Maki (The Netherlands) The Functions of Falsehood in Economic Theorizing
8/13, 16-17:50, Stefan Baumrin (USA) Philip Mirowski (USA) Simulacra vs. Automata: What Should be Bounded when it comes to Rationality?
Esther-Mirjam Sent (USA) Bounded Rationality on the Rebound
Dan Hausman (USA)  

International Hobbes Society

8/11, 12-13:50, Martin Bertman (Finland) Edwin Curley (USA) The Covenant with God in Hobbes
Bernd Ludwig (Germany) Leviathan as Epicurean Response to Theistic Natural Law
Rosamond Rhodes (USA) Hobbes and Rawls
8/11, 14-15:50, Bernard Baumrin (USA) Martin Bertman (Finland) Hobbes and Hume on Promises
M.S. Ronald Commers (Belgium) Modernity of a Conservative
S.A. Lloyd (USA) Natural Law and Postive Law in Hobbes
8/11, 16-17:50, Martin Harvey (USA) Paolo Savarese (Italy) Rule and Claim as Mediation
Bernard Gert (USA) Hobbes on Reason
Tommy Lott (USA) Hobbes Theory of Voluntary Action

International Institute for Field-Being

8/11, 12-13:50, Harold Oliver (USA) Kwang-Sae Lee (USA), Curt R. Naser (USA), Xin Ru (PRC), Laura E. Weed (USA) (Discussants: Barbara Amodio (USA), Bong-Kil Chung (USA), Bensi Xing (PRC), Bock-Ja Kim (Hong Kong)) German Idealism and Field-Being
8/11, 16-17:50, Chenyang Li (USA) Peimin Ni (USA), John Schroeder (USA), Kam-Ming Yip (Hong Kong) (Discussants: Laura E. Weed (USA), Xieshan Ye (PRC)) The I Ching and Taoism: Substantialism and Non-Substantialism in Asian Philosophy, Session One
8/12, 14-15:50, Kwang-Sae Lee (USA) Chenyang Li (USA), Peimin Ni (USA) (Discussants: Chai Fai Cheung (Hong Kong), Anja Steinbauer (Germany), Xiaosi Yang (USA), Kam-Ming Yip (Hong Kong)) Confucianism: Substantialism and Non-Substantialism in Asian Philosophy, Session Two
8/12, 16-17:50, Barbara Amodio (USA) Bong-Kil Chung (USA), Bock-Ja Kim (Hong Kong), Kwang-Soo Park (Korea) (Discussants: Kenneth Inada (USA), Tao Jiang (USA), Albert Shansky (USA), Zhihua Yao (USA)) Buddhism: Substantialism and Non-Substantialism in Asian Philosophy, Session Three
8/13, 16-17:50, Curt R. Naser (USA) J. Michael Degener (USA) The Tragic Caesura in Plato's Ontology: At the Threshold of Aesthesis and Noesis in the "Symposium"
Kenneth Inada (USA) A Paradigm Shift in Perception
Anja Steinbauer (Germany) An Exercise in Cross-Cultural Hermeneutics
Discussants: Kwang-Sae Lee (USA), Kwok-Ying Lau (Hong Kong), Jiehou Yao (PRC)  
8/13, 18-19:50, Lewis Edwin Hahn (USA) Barbara Amodio (USA), Chai Fai Cheung (Hong Kong), Kwok-Ying Lau (Hong Kong), Xieshan Ye (PRC) (Discussants: Yuan Quan Chen (PRC), Kwang-Soo Park (Korea), Xiaosi Yang (USA)) Modernity and Its Predicaments: Postmodernism and the Non-Substantialistic Turn
8/14, 14-15:50, Xin Ru (PRC) Yuan Quan Chen (PRC), Kang Ouyang (PRC), Bensi Xing (PRC), Jiehou Yao (PRC) (Discussants: Lewis Edwin Hahn (USA), Harold Oliver (USA), Xiaoxi Yang (USA)) Contemporary Marxism, Pragmatism, and Field-Being

International Society for Environmental Ethics (ISEE)

8/12, 18-19:50, Mariachiara Tallacchini (Italy) Eric Katz (USA) The Domination of Humanity and Nature
Eugene Hargrove (USA) Is Environmental Ethics Radical or Traditional
8/13, 14-15:50, Eugene Hargrove (USA) Kristin Shrader-Frechette (USA), Laura Westra (Canada), Freyda Mathews (Australia) Justice in Environmental Ethics: Invited Paper


Date, Time, Chair Speakers Title

International Society for Universalism

8/10, 14-15:50, Andrew Woznicki (USA) Dalai Lama, Lopon Tenzin Namdak Rinpoche, Joseph Zycinski (Poland) A Christian Tibetan Religious Encounter
8/10, 18-19:50, Steven Hicks Willard Enteman (USA) Education, Community, and Universalism
International Society for Value Inquiry
8/10, 12-13:50, G. John M. Abbarno (USA) Thomas Magnell (USA) Value Inquiry in a New Millennium
8/10, 14-15:50, Paul Allen (USA) Patricia Anne Murphy (USA) Two Ancient Voices of Paideia: Theophrastus and Epictetus
William Robb (USA) Values Education as a Mode of Inquiry
8/10, 14-15:50, Thomas Platt (USA) Chrisoula Andreou (Canada) Starting Off in the Right Direction: Two Ways of Interpreting the Question, "Are Moral Judgements Objective?"
8/10, 16-17:50, Kenneth Cust (USA) John Ladd (USA) Ethical Intuitionism
8/10, 20-21:50, Ruth Lucier (USA) G. John M. Abbarno and Charles Sabatino (USA) A Dialogue on the Meaning of Value
Richard Owsley (USA) The Value of Hugo Munsterberg
8/10, 20-21:50, David Shrader (USA) Christopher Gowans (USA) Practical Identity and Autonomy: Korsgaard's Reformation of Kant's Philosophy
Young Soo Lee (USA) Kant's Ethical Theories and the Dualistic Concept of Nature
8/11, 12-13:50, Michael Patton, Jr. (USA) Amitai Etzione (USA) Beyond Civis: The Good Society
8/11, 14-15:50, Parker English (USA) Robin Attfield (UK) Is, Ought, Promises, and Debt
John Welch (Spain) Ethical Classification and Inductive Inference
8/11, 14-15:50, Charles Sabatino (USA) Aaron Ben-Ze'ev (Israel) Should a Virtual Affair be Regarded as Adultery?
Carl Ellerman (USA) The Sleep of Realism: A Critical View of the Enchantment and Absurdity of Moral Philosophy
8/11, 18-19:50, Ralph Wedgewood (USA) Walter Sinnott Armstrong (USA) Generality and Particularity in Moral Epistemology
Piotr Boltuc (Poland) Propinquity and the Structure of Moral Space
Jonathan Dancy (UK) (Commentator)
Bernard Gert (USA) Morally Relevant Features
8/11, 20-21:50, Tim Madigan (USA) Ruth Lucier (USA) Reflecting on Virtues and Rights: A Comment on Inconsistencies
Svetlana Zolinka (Ukraine) Hisotry of Value in Russian Philosophy
8/12, 12-13:50, Christine Sistare (USA) Bernard Gert (USA) In Defense of Morality
8/12, 14-15:50, Vaughana Feary (USA) William Rottschaffer (USA) A Biologically Based Account of the Explanation and Justification of Moral Agency
Andrew Ward (USA) Bodies as Inscriptions
8/12, 14-15:50, Agnieszka Alekka (USA) Piotr Boltuc (USA) Moral Space and Moral Luck
Robert Card (USA) Sophisticated Consequentialists, Agent-Relativists, and Integrity
8/12, 18-19:50, Thomas Magnell (USA) Tom Regan (USA) Patterns of Resistance
8/13, 10-11:50, David E. Johnson (USA) Norman Fischer (USA) Is Communitarianism Necessarily Anti-Liberal?
Shyli Karin-Frank (Israel) On Justifying a Global Enforcement of Liberal Values
Samuel Zinaich, Jr. (USA) Locke's Moral Revolution: From Natural Law to Moral Relativism
8/13, 10-11:50, Chalmers C. Clark (USA) Jiang Chang (China) The Contemporary Conflict of Values
Hiam Gordon (Israel) The Challenge to Values in Sartre's Philosophy
8/13, 12-13:50, Peter Wenz (USA) Holmes Rolston III (USA) Environmental Duties and Values
Jack Weir (USA) Environment Values and Obligation to Act
8/13, 12-13:50, William Cornwell (USA) Philip Cafaro (USA) The Place of Economy in Virtue Ethics
Michael Patton, Jr. (USA) Personal Identity, Autonomy, and Advance Directives
Chalmers C. Clark (USA) The Good Physician and the Shroud
8/13, 12-13:50, Erik Carlson (Sweden) Aine Donovan (USA) Valuation and the Conditions Necessary for Inculcation at the US Naval Academy
Pablo Lopez Lopez (Spain) A Radical Sense of Technique
Chen Xinhan (China) Cognitive Mechanism of the Evaluative Action
8/13, 14-15:50, Christopher Morris (USA) Jan Narveson (Canada) Kant's Moral Theory: Game Theory and the Categorical Imperative
8/13, 16-17:50, Christopher B. Gray (Canada) Kevin E. Dodson (USA) Humanity and Dignity
C. L. Sheng (China/Taiwan) A Note on Self-Other Symmetry
8/13, 16-17:50, Robert Van Wyk (USA) Sander H. Lee (USA) Images of the Holocaust in the Films of Woody Allen
Immaculada Tera Sierra (Spain) The Aesthetic Dimension as a Complement to Rationality
8/13, 18-19:50, Will Aiken (USA) Corbin Fowler (USA) The Death Penalty: Why Not?
Vernon Thomas Sarver, Jr (USA) Hobbes's Empowerment Thesis and Capital Punishment
Kenneth Keulman (USA) The Millennial World Order
8/13, 18-19:50, Samuel Zinaich, Jr. Leonard Harris (USA) Community and Citizenship: Cosmopolitanism, Pluralism and Alain Locke
Wang Yu-liang (China) On Plurality and Monism of Value
8/14, 14-15:50, Naomi Zack Richard DeGeorge (USA) Ethics, Computers, and The New Millennium
8/14, 16-17:50, Moira Walsh Elizabeth Cooke Value-Neutral Knowledge in the Feminist Epistemologies of Sandra Harding and Helen Longino
Beth Halpern Levinas and Nussbaum: Alterity and Desire
Henny Wenkart Lilith: Demon or Role Model? A Contemporary Revelation of Female Values
8/15, 12-13:50, Dale Jacquette (USA) Joseph Margolis (USA) Improbability of Global Liberalism
8/15, 14-15:50, Kenneth Keulman (USA) Veena Arora (India) Revivalism of Universal Values: Pragmatic Philosophy of Sri Satya, Sai Baba
Edmund F. Byrne (USA) Mission in Modern Life: A Public Role for Religious Beliefs
Jan Marejko Calvin and Modernity
8/15, 14-15:50, Corbin Fowler (USA) Alan Hunt (USA) Value Plurality Treaties and Treaty Making
David Johnson (USA) Should the Military Fight War or Drugs? Or the Forthcoming Police State
Eugene V. Torisky, Jr. Objectivity and Value: A World Account

International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics

8/13, 14-15:50 Richard T. De George (USA), George Enderle (USA), Judy Gearhart(USA), W. Michael Hoffman(USA), RS Moorthy Ethics, Human Rights, and International Business
8/13, 16-17:50 Lynn Sharp Paine (USA), Glen Peters (UK), Kenneth J. Warnock (USA) Ethics, Human Rights, and International Business

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