Boston ULTRA-Ex

The Boston ULTRA-Ex (Urban Long-Term Research Area Exploratory) project is a National Science Foundation-funded research platform investigating the space-time variation in Metropolitan Boston’s carbon metabolism. The NSF offers these awards to projects that support interdisciplinary research on the dynamic interactions between people and natural ecosystems in urban settings. We are investigating both natural and human influences in Boston’s carbon metabolism. For more information about the intellectual framework for the project, please follow this link.

This project focuses on two-scale ranges that bracket key processes:

  1. Carbon storage over multi-decadal time scales across tens of kilometers
  2. Carbon exchanges and atmospheric CO2 fluctuations over sub-hourly time scales and from kilometers down to meters of space.

On this website, you will find basic information, announcements, and updates relating to the Boston Ultra-Ex project.  Please check back often to see the status of current research and to view preliminary results.  Contact us with ideas or potential collaborations.