Program Information

The main goal of the Boston University Upward Bound program is to remediate and enrich the academic skills of our students in order to better prepare them for college entry and success. We believe in a holistic approach to education, in other words, in focusing on all aspects of the students’ development. Thus, the program activities are designed to promote intellectual development as well as emotional, moral, and social development.


    Classes and study hall are held on the dynamic Boston University campus. During the school year students attend two hours of class and two hours of study hall each week after school. At the beginning of each semester students select their class and study hall schedule. Afterschool classes include MCAS prep, SAT prep, Senior Workshop I and Senior Workshop II.

    During the summer students reside on the Boston University campus for 6-weeks (Sundays-Fridays). During this time they take 6 classes that provide a foundation for success while in high school and for college. The classes include math; science; writing; literature; MCAS prep, SAT prep or Latin; and life skills. Classes are taught by trained and paid staff.


    During the summer program each student participates in a weekly activity such as basketball, soccer, volley ball, arts & crafts, or strength and conditioning. Each summer as part of their literature classes students read a Shakespeare play and the program takes students to see a live performance of the play. Other recent events have included an International Potluck, Field Day, Summer Staff vs. Student  Basketball, a Celtics game, bowling and college visits.