Calculator Library

Calculators that can help you with a wide variety of money management topics can be accessed from the websites listed below.

Boston University Financial Assistance

  • Credit-based Loan Calculators
  • College Expense Planning Calculator


  • Budget Wizard, Budgeting
  • Will I be able to repay my loans?
  • Credit Cards
  • Housing
  • Loans
  • Saving
  • Work

College Board

  • Student Loan (Debt/Starting Salary)
  • Parent Loan Repayment
  • Parent Debt

  • Costs
  • Savings
  • Integrated Saving/Borrowing
  • Trust Funds
  • Need Analysis
  • Loans
  • Loan Default
  • Peer-to-Peer Loans
  • Budgeting
  • Award Letter Comparison
  • Insurance

Mapping Your Future

  • Budget
  • Bank Account Balancing Tool
  • Income-based Repayment
  • Savings
  • Student Loan Debt/Salary Wizard
  • Student Loan Repayment
  • Loan Consolidation

National Foundation for Credit Counseling

  • Auto Loan Payment
  • Cost of Credit
  • Emergency Fund
  • How Much Car Can You Afford?
  • How Much Will Your Loan Really Cost?
  • Pay Down Debt or Invest?
  • Repaying Student Loans
  • Retirement Fund
  • Rework Your Budget
  • Salary Conversion
  • Saving for a Goal
  • Should I Consolidate My Debt?
  • Travel Budgeting
  • Your Gift Log
  • Your Holiday Budget

Smart About Money

  • How much do I need for emergencies?
  • Should I lease or purchase and auto?
  • What is the value of reducing expenses?
  • How long will it take to pay off my credit card?
  • How will payroll adjustments affect my take-home pay?

U.S. Department of Education

  • Budget
  • Standard, Extended, and Graduated Repayment Plan
  • Income-Contingent Repayment Plan
  • Income-Based Repayment Plan
  • Pay As You Earn Repayment Plan
  • Direct Consolidation Lon Calculator