The River Once Wild

by Jeremy Miller

Can environmentalists save California's river of agriculture without destroying its farmers? 


Jesus Saves?

by Elizabeth Dougherty

How spiritual awakenings help people recover from drug addiction.

Sharks: Ocean Spies of the Future

Photos and story by Cory Hatch

Researcher Jelle Atema searches for smell neurons in shark brains to someday steer the animals for the US military.


Drugs in the Water

by Leah Eisenstadt

How our medicine cabinets are contaminating nature.

Auto Immunity

by Kelen Tuttle

How new technology is turning your car into a spy machine.


Empathy On The Brain

by Leah Eisenstadt

Neurology explains our fascination with reality TV

Evolving Truth

by Amos Kenigsberg

Religious scientists find a paradoxical yet satisfying middle ground in the evolution debate.

Photo: Copyright Behavioural Ecology Research Group, Oxford University,

Something Foul in the Air above Hog Farms

by Cory Hatch

Researchers find antibiotic resistant bugs floating in dust particles above hog farms.



Universal Language

by Amos Kenigsberg

One linguist works to unpack Haiti's prejudice against its native tongue