Andrea Baird
reactions editor, webmistress extraordinaire and designer

Andrea Baird spent large portions of her Virginia childhood either swimming with perch in Smith Mountain Lake or living on a sailboat in the Chesapeake Bay. Her aquatic lifestyle led to an early career at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Florida, where she learned, among other things, how to identify local insect larvae and the proper technique for untangling a stingray from a net (just shove your fingers up its nose!). After five years and far too many hours at a microscope, Andrea decided to switch careers and transformed herself from a tan Florida marine biologist into a pasty, exhausted Boston graduate student. She has since written a disturbing number of articles about bugs (including her least favorite animal, the cockroach) and made forays into video editing, magazine production and website design. This summer she wrote for Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s in-house magazine, developed a fascination for the sex lives of deep-sea anglerfish, and practiced for a future career as a professional bridesmaid.

in resonance:

The off-road robo-roach
A new generation of go-anywhere robots may redeem mankind's least favorite insect.

Angst and the deep sea angler fish
If all romances were like that of the deep-sea anglerfish we might be better off alone.

Always a little green
Andrea Baird explains how grocers keep their produce shelves stocked, and why we sacrifice flavor for convenience.

The dirt on soil loss
Soil is our most valuable non-renewable resource. But farming is killing our farmland.

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