Did You Know?…

…that BU offers a professional Master’s degree in Remote Sensing & Geospatial Sciences that you can earn in as little as one year? Graduates from our MS program have excellent job prospects across the public, private, and non-profit sectors. For more information please see the program description and contact... More

High Latitude Forest Fires and Climate Change

Mark Friedl has published a paper with Jon Wang (former PhD student with the Land Cover and Surface Climate Group, now a post-doc at UC Irvine) in Nature Climate Change. The results provide new insights into the role of fire in high-latitude carbon budgets and... More

Jeff Geddes Awarded new NASA Grant

Jeff is co-investigator on a recently selected NASA proposal which will provide three years of funding to study satellite remote sensing indicators of ground-level ozone production. The project will be led by principal investigator Sajeev Philip (NASA Ames Research Center), and involve collaborators from several... More

Alessandro Baccini has a new paper in PNAS

Alessandro Baccini's new paper, "The role of forest conversion, degradation, and disturbance in the carbon dynamics of Amazon indigenous territories and protected areas," was published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Walker, WS, SR Gorelik, A Baccini, JL Aragon-Osejo, C Josse, C... More

Mark Friedl and Curtis Woodcock have a new paper in Global Change Biology

Mark Friedl and Curtis Woodcock's new paper, "Extensive land cover change across Arctic–Boreal Northwestern North America from disturbance and climate forcing," was published today in Global Change Biology. Wang, JA, D Sulla‐Menashe, CE Woodcock, O Sonnentag, RF Keeling, and MA Friedl. (2020) Extensive land cover change... More