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The Original Disruptor

100 years ago, Everett W. Lord saved child laborers, predicted the future of business, and founded SMG.

Why call a magazine Everett? You’re not the first person to ask, and you certainly won’t be the last. It’s the name of the School of Management’s founder. But Everett W. Lord was more than just a guy who opened a school. He was something rare in history—a truly transformative thinker.

Before we tell you about the new magazine that bears his name, we’d like you to meet him.

In 1913, Everett W. Lord founded SMG. He also founded an approach to management—and to learning about it—that still inspires us today. Lord thought business should be concerned with supporting democracy and human welfare, not just profits. He stood up for kids who were being put to work—and maimed—in the fishing industry, developed a public school system in Puerto Rico, and provided a framework for teaching those who would lead an American business revolution. When other universities decided they had too many women enrolled and schemed to exclude them, Lord pushed Boston University down a more progressive path, urging it to find ways of attracting more men instead.

That was Everett.

And this is Everett. Every issue will offer you a brave and authentic perspective on business management. SMG experts will help you stay agile, keeping you ahead of the latest advances in everything from technology to marketing; students and alums will share their tips for being more successful.

What Everett W. Lord would’ve thought about this magazine, we can’t tell.

But, we think it, like him and the School he founded, will be transformative, educational, and rewarding. This magazine is a loosening of the tie and we hope it excites and inspires you. Let us know what you think at
—The Editor