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1421.107rog 1421 King's Bench Quare impedit Essone de seruys le roy
Regnal Year
King: Plea Number Folio Number
Mich. 9 Hen. 5 Rogers 30 Rogers 23
Serjeants/ Justices Plaintiff Surname Plaintiff First Name v. Defendent Surname Defendent First Name
Paston, William Sjt
Martin, John JCP Martyn
Paston, William Sjt
Clarence Duke of
Other Plaintiffs Other Names Places Other Defendents
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Incipit (First Line) Number of Lines
Paston dit qe en quare impedit porte en bank le roy par le duk de Clarens le 6
Process and Pleading
Plaintiff duke was essoined in the king's service.
Defendant objected that neither essoin for the king's service nor protection was allowed in Quare impedit.
Martin JCP said that no judgment was given on the essoin.
Defendant said that this was because plaintiff duke died before the judgment could be given.
Language Notes (Law French)
duk fut essone de seruys le roy et il nust calermua sour lesone pur ceo qil entende qe si come protectioun nest allowable en 'quare impedit' nient plus nest est essone en seruys le roy.
Martin JCP: Mes nul iugement fut done de ceo.
Sjt Paston: Ceo fut pur ceo qe le duk murrit deuaunt qe iugement purroit estre done.
Abstract Context
Thomas 'of Lancaster', second son of Henry IV, was Duke of Clarence from 9 July 1412 and died without legitimate posterity 22 Mar. 1421 (before Mich. 1421), s.v. Thomas [Thomas of Lancaster], Duke of Clarence, 1387-1421, in Oxford DNB. The next Duke of Clarence was created 28 June 1462.
Commentary & Paraphrase
Manuscripts Mss Notes Editing Notes Errors
HLS MS Dunn 41, fol. 190r
Ralph V. Rogers, Year Books of the Reign of King Henry the Fifth (privately printed, Wurzburg 1948), p. 23
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0 2005-08-14
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