Algorithm-in-the-Loop Decision Making: Disparate Interactions and Limitations

The rise of machine learning has fundamentally altered decision making: rather than being made solely by people, many important decisions are now made through an “algorithm-in-the-loop” process where machine learning models inform people. Yet insufficient research has considered how the interactions between people and models actually influence human decisions. <br><br> In this Cyber Alliance talk based on joint work with PhD candidate Ben Green, Harvard Computer Science Prof. Yiling Chen will discuss results from a set of controlled experiments on algorithm-in-the-loop human decision making in two contexts (pretrial release and financial lending). These results highlight the urgent need to expand our analyses of algorithmic decision making aids beyond evaluating the models themselves to investigating the sociotechnical contexts in which people and algorithms interact. <br><br> There will be time for casual conversation and light refreshments before and after the presentation. Please RSVP to

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019 at 3:30pm until 5:00pm on Wednesday, Nov 20, 2019
Where Seminar Room, Hariri Institute for Computing, 111 Cummington Mall
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Boston University