The Program on Intellectual Property & Information Law (PIPIL) has an ongoing collaboration with BU’s Hariri Institute for Computing. As part of this collaboration, cross-disciplinary talks and presentations are alternatively hosted at either the Law School or Hariri, depending on the subject matter. This “Cyber Alliance” Speaker Series is an opportunity for students and faculty to hear fascinating new perspectives on the intersection between law, technology, and policy.

New speakers are added frequently, check back soon for more information.

Spring 2019 Speakers

January 16, 3:30-5PM:
Jeff Kosseff (U.S. Naval Academy), “The 26 Words That Created the Internet: The History and Future of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act”. Hariri Seminar Room

January 30, 3:30-5PM:
Susan Landau (Tufts), “It’s Too Complicated: How the Internet Upends Katz, Smith, and Electronic Surveillance Law”. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

February 27, 3:45-5PM (please note later start time):
Marshall Van Alstyne (BU Questrom), “The Problem of Fake News”. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

March 6, 3:30-5PM:
James Grimmelmann (Cornell), Title TBD. Hariri Seminar Room

March 20, 3:30-5PM:
Neil Richards (Washington University in St. Louis), Title TBD. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

April 3, 3:30-5PM:
Ron Rivest (MIT), Title TBD. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

April 8, 12:30-2PM (please note start time):
Kate Klonick (St. John’s), Title TBD. Hariri Seminar Room

April 17, 3:30-5PM:
Asaf Lubin (Yale), “Regulating Cyber Insurance”. Hariri Seminar Room

Fall 2018 Speakers

September 5, 3:30-5PM:
Yaniv Benhamou (University of Geneva), “Self-Regulation and Certification: An Appropriate Tool to Regulate Platforms and AI-Industries”. Hariri Seminar Room

September 19, 3:30-5PM:
Moon Duchin (Tufts), “Gerrymandering: Can Computing Cut the Gordian Knot?”. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

October 3, 3:45-5PM:
Aloni Cohen (MIT), “Towards Modeling Singling Out”. Hariri Seminar Room

October 17, 3:45-5PM:
Andrea Matwyshyn (Northeastern), “The Internet of Bodies”. Hariri Seminar Room

October 31, 3:45-5PM:
Jonathan Frankle (MIT), “Machine Learning and Neural Networks for Lawyers”. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

November 14, 3:45-5PM:
Leah Plunkett (UNH), “Sharenthood—How the Digital Tech Habits of Parents, Teachers, and Other Trusted Adults Harm Kids & Teens”. Hariri Seminar Room

November 28, 3:45-5PM:
Daniel Weitzner (MIT), “Computer Science and the Law: What the Fields Need from Each Other in the Information Age”. Hariri Seminar Room

December 12, 3:45-5PM:
Sarah Scheffler (BU Computer Science), “From Soft Classifiers to Hard Decisions: How Fair Can We Be?”. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge


Spring 2018 Speakers

February 2, 9AM-5PM:
Symposium, “Governing the Internet: Public Access, Private Regulation”, Journal of Science and Technology Law, BU Law

February 5, 12:45-2PM:
Paul Ohm (Georgetown), “How Computer Scientists Can Wrest Tech Policy Out of the Cold, Dead Grip of the Invisible Hand”. Hariri Seminar Room

February 5, 4:20-6:20PM:

Patrick Goold (Harvard), “The Lost Tort of American Moral Rights”. BU Law, Room 204 (IP Workshop)

February 20, 1-2PM:
Sendhil Mullainathan (Harvard Economics), “Using Machine Learning to Improve Policy Problems; An Econometric Perspective“. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

March 12, 12:30-2PM:
Alexandra Wood (Harvard), “Bridging Privacy Definitions: Differential Privacy and Privacy Concepts from Law and Policy”. BUild Lab IDG Capital Student Innovation Center, 730 Commonwealth Avenue

April 4, 3:00-4:30PM:
Rory Van Loo, “Regulating Digital Intermediaries”. Hariri Seminar Room

April 30, 12:30-2PM:
Ahmed Ghappour, “Machine Generated Culpability: Inscrutable Machine Evidence in the Criminal Legal Process”. Hariri Seminar Room

May 7, 12:30-2PM:
John Byers (BU Computer Science), “Digital Advertising: A View from the Inside”. BU Law, 15th Floor Faculty Lounge

May 14, 12:30-2PM:
Stephen Chong (Harvard) and Alexandra Wood (Harvard), “Robot Lawyers: Automating Legal Compliance for Transferring Private Data”. BU Law, Room 203

May 16, 12:30-2PM:
Mayank Varia (BU Computer Science), “Crypto Crumple Zones: Enabling Limited Access Without Mass Surveillance”. BU Law, Room 203

Fall 2017 Speakers

October 2
Ran Canetti, Boston University College of Arts & Sciences Department of Computer Science, “A Crash Course in Data Encryption: Concepts, Techniques, Limitations, and Unrealized Potential (Part II),” BU Law room 410

October 11
Andrew Guthrie Ferguson
, University of the District of Columbia School of Law, “The Rise of Big Data Policing: Surveillance, Race, and the Future of Law Enforcement,” Hariri Seminar Room

October 13
Mark McKenna
, University of Notre Dame Law School, “Claiming Design,” BU Law room 209

October 23
Michael Meurer
, Boston University School of Law, “Training Data and Innovation Markets for AI,” Hariri Seminar Rom

October 25, 3-4PM:
Woody Hartzog (Northeastern), “Privacy’s Blueprint: The Battle to Control the Design of New Technologies”. Hariri Seminar Room

November 6
Adam Smith
, Boston University College of Arts & Sciences Department of Computer Science, BU Law room 203

November 8, 2:45-4:30PM:
Tim Edgar (Brown), “Beyond Snowden: Privacy, Mass Surveillance and the Struggle to Reform the NSA”. Hariri Seminar Room

November 9, 4-6PM:
Research on Tap: “The Many Facets of Cybersecurity Research”, Hosted by Ran Canetti and including talks by Andy Sellars and Ahmed Ghappour. BU Photonics Center, 9th Floor Colloquium Room

November 15, 2:45-4:30PM:
Ellen Goodman (Rutgers), “Algorithmic Transparency for the Smart City”. Hariri Seminar Room

November 28, 3:45-5PM:
Adam Smith, “Pinning Down “Privacy” in Statistical Data Analysis”. BU Law, Room 420